Monday, 15 December 2008

Hospital, Birthday and X-mas Tree

Me not knowing Matt had taken a photo!
Connor eating his dinner

Connor looking at the tree

Connor running

Our tree, and the cone trees on the window!

I had my hospital app on Wednesday, i did my blows and as i had a chesty cough i didn't think they would be that good, i was thinking they would have gone down if anything but when i did them i was so happy with them. after my i.v's 4 weeks ago they were at 42% and on the 10th they were at 46%!!!! my weight didn't go up, that was down but only by 0.4kg so nothing really so i was happy with that, and that was with doing my feeds only 1-2 nights a week!
I didn't have my port flushed as i forgot :s

I did have my peg changed for the 1st time, i really didn't know what was going to happen as i was out of it when they put it in, anyway i had to wait like an hour for my nurse to come and do it as there was only 3 people in my hospital that could do it.

when she pulled it out it had all this brown still on the end (bit from my belly) and it didn't look nice at all! and it hurt when she pulled it out, she said it was coz there was little rigged bits on it to stop it from falling out when the ball has burst, it didn't hurt to much when she put the new one back in so that was ok, don't have to be done again for another 6 months.

It was my birthday on Thursday and i got lots of money and that was about it....not really much to say about it, i didn't go anywhere for it or do anything think for it....I'm just another year older now.

We put up our X-mas tree at the weekend, it looks good i think and Connor likes it so i think its ok, I'm going to get alot more bits for it in the Jan sales for next year, i already buy x-mas cards and wrapping paper in the sales anyway as it save alot of money. i wont have to buy any wrapping paper this time as i have lots left from this year...i have about 6 rolls left lol

Anyway back to the tree it is dark green but at night looks black, its a 6 foot one but its not to wide so its just right i think, i have done it all silver, black, white and like a gray silver colour this year but might gets a diff colour for next year...will see what they have left 1st, i also have an angel at the top of the tree and not a star, we always had an angel on ours at home when i was little so i didn't want to change.

I have a few other x-mas bits around the house, one of them 7 light candle things that is in my living room window and a black glitter cone tree and a silver cone tree on the window too, they look really nice but as i say they are very glittery as Connor found out lol.

I have done all my cards and shopping so now i can rest until x-mas now, where going to my mum's x-mas morning and staying for lunch and then we have to go round to Matt's mum's for x-mas afternoon. i would like to just sit with the TV on and rest but we have to go

(they don't have TV on, they play games and open there gifts at 5pm!! where is the fun in that?)

I cant wait until we get our new TV in the new year, it will look really nice, its been hard work saving for it but will be worth it. next on the list is the bathroom so we will start saving for that after the new year.

Connor is 17 months old on boxing day!! nearly a year and a half already!!! time flys all right.

He wont stop playing with the DVD playing, he opens the little draw you put your DVD on and he pulls it up and down! one of these days he will pull it off!

Anyway I'm not sure i will blog again before x-mas so i will say this now,


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Really Bad At This...

I'm so bad at keeping you guys updated to what I'm up to!
Anyway not really much has happened really since the last post...this may be a short one!! lol

I'm going shopping with my mum to moz so that will be cool, not got to long left to buy stuff as Xmas is only 20 days away.

we have got 250 pound so far for our new HD TV in the Jan sales and its all from selling Connors old stuff on eBay or things we don't use or have never liked, my mum is giving us 150 for Xmas and Matt's nan is giving us 100 so we will have 550 so we can get a really nice one.
then we will be saving for either :

A) a king size bed

B) a new bathroom

C) taking the chimney out that's making our living room smaller.

So i think by this time next year we will have got another one sorted.

Its my birthday soon so I'm happy about that but not happy in a way as Matt hasn't got any money to buy me anything :(
oh well last year i only got some PJ's off him, he isn't good at giving things at all really.

i might be having more i.v's b4 Xmas but not sure yet, i will tel you know.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Nutcase and police

Well what can i say...Tuesday night some old guy (late 40's) parked half in my disable bay outside our house even when there where other space's. well when Matt come home at around 9pm they guy was still there so Matt parked half in our bay and half in the road then came in and to get his bank card because he had to put money in the car for me the next day.
He went to the old people (50's) next door as i had seen the guy go there and said can the guy move his car, this guy 1st asked Matt who was disabled becauseMatt didn't look it and me said i was (i was hanging out the window) and then said he was going out for 5 mins and he wanted the car moved by the time he got back so we can park in it.
well the man just lost it and came running out and looked like he was going to start on Matt, the old woman (his sister) pulled him back and so Matt got in the car and drove off, the guy then opened his car door to move it but then turned around and said " fu*k him, he can park down the road, I'm not Fing moving my car for that little c**t!" well because i was hanging out the window i had a go at him and told him to move because he wasn't aloud to be there and he told me to F off!
all this was going on and the lady next door was having a go at us saying they had never had any trouble b4! i said we wasn't making trouble and that it was her brother.

anyway Matt came back and the car was still there so he blocked the guy in and came round the back and i came down to talk to him, just as i got out the back with matt the guy was kicking our door shouting at us to move our car, he was so load i didnt want him to wake connor so i ran to the door opened it and shouted "dont you dare kick my door that that, i have a baby in bed!" he shouted at me "tell your old man to move his car or I'm going to Fing smash it up!" to that i just slammed the door shut.
He started to kick or door in again, so Matt rang the police because we was getting very scared by now as the guy wasn't a small man. i also rang my mum and she and my granddad's gf Cathy came!
While all this was going on the guy was kicking our door in and shouting at us and his sister (lady next door) was shouting at us to move the car so her brother could leave and that we were being very childish!
well the guy got out and drove off (he didn't hit our car so that was one thing) but as he was driving out of our road my mum and Cathy was there and blocked him in!! my mum was well mad with him because i had told her everything.
They had a row at the top of the road with his guy and they got his number plate and then he got round them and come over to us.
the people next door came out having another go saying that he was being out of order and that Matt was an ass*ole for not moving the car and he said and what if the police would have been called? to which Matt said he had rang the police!
the lady didn't like that at all and started having a go at us again just as my mum got there and told her to shut up lol
the police came and had a chat to us and the lady next door made out the car was only in the bay bu an inch! when he wasn't and that we were making it out to be something that it wasn't and that while they had been there they didn't have any trouble and then we turn up and all hell is set lose!!! (we moved in in Feb and this is the 1st thing that as happened!)
anyway the police said the guy sounded like a nob and that his sister seem to be covering for him and that he believed us! YAY
they got his address off the lady next door and went round to tell him to sort it out and not to park in our bay again!!!!!

the old people next door have not talked to us since....not that i care really!

grrr some people are right nobs really.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Some Photo's Of Connor In His New PJ's

I look really fat in the last one lol, Connor looks cute in all of them!

Friday, 14 November 2008

I Know Myself Better Then You.

When i was at hospital on Wednesday 12th Nov for my week check up of my i.v's and everything i didn't have my normal Dr, anyway this new Dr wasn't very good.

My LF had gone down from 43% to 39% in a week and while i have been doing i.v's! now this is something that isn't ment to happen at all, and coz i have not done my feed for about 2 weeks my weight has gone from 51.8kg to 51.6kg so that's nothing really so that is ok.
Now with my LF, when they started me on i.v's they stopped my septrin pills for the 2weeks and this is why i think my LF has gone down.
from DEC last year to July this year i was very ill and the i.v's didn't seem to be working much until they put me of septrin pills, once they had done that i was out of hospital and my LF went up to 46%!!!!
Now because of all this i think its because I'm not on the pills but the new Dr said that don't make sense but its all there for him in my notes so he should see that the pills did help alot. he said that if next week there not much better then i will have to have my i.v's changed and start another 2 week lot...I'm not happy about that and wont be doing that!
I will say to him that i will start my pills again and see how that is.

I got Matt a i-pod today for Xmas (don't worry he don't read this lol) i also have a few other bits for him so now all i have to do is get about 4 more things and then all my shopping will be done. YAY!
I will then have to start shopping for bits to put on my tree as we only have a few bits and it would look daft if we left it at that!

Connor is walking lots now and he loves it, he has even started to walk to the car from the house with me (holding my hand) he will be running by Xmas I'm sure :D
He is getting very stroppy tho, he takes after me a bit with that i think lol

I have been thinking i may change the layout of my blog....maybe i will next time.

Friday, 7 November 2008

I.V's and Cat's!

I have booked my hair in for next Friday, I'm going to get my roots done but also going to have some blonde put in it as i didn't think there was enough in the last time it was done, i will get it cut as well but not sure by how much yet, will just find out when I'm there i guess.

I need to upload some new photo's, i have been taking some of Connor today and will take more over the weekend of what we get up to so i will upload them after that.

I'm on I.V's at the moment but its good because i have not been on them since the 21st July (i was thinking it was the 24th but wasn't) so its been a good 3 and a half months!!!
I'm on them 3 times a day, its a bit of a pain but i would much rather do them at home where i can be with Connor and Matt then have them in hospital where they cant see me every day.

We got our cat Tobias a new cat toy yesterday and she loves it, so does Connor! its a pink and furry tail thing on a ball on a stick....if anyone understands me lol i will take a photo this weekend and upload it.

Anyway I'm going to go now as I'm very tired, will upload photos soon.

Friday, 31 October 2008

One Step For Man Kind....

Connor is walking!!!!!

Wow, i am so happy he has taken his 1st steps on his own.
He took his 1st on Monday and now he can walk across our living room (mind you our living room isn't big lol) he is very uneasy on his feet still but it can only get batter now!
With him walking it will help me so much as i wont have to carry him to the car or around the house if i want him to go in another room with me.
He is also understanding lots of words, he knows what to do when i tell him he to close to the TV and he needs to sit down, he knows what you mean when you ask where his dummy is, he will go and get it and so many more :D

I'm going on some i.v's on Wednesday 5th, its not because I'm unwell or anything its just that i have a cough (hung around after my cold left!) that wont seem to go and i don't want it to turn in to anything around my birthday/Xmas/new year.
I'll be on home i.v's (already talked to my Dr about them) so at least i wont have to go in, not that they have any beds anyway lol yay
Don't know what my LF at the moment, will find out on Wednesday but i do know my weight as i went to liver clinic yesterday (all is well by the way) and i was 52kg!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH??? yes I'm wonder my size 8 jeans are getting to small for me lol

Bond...James Bond.... that's right I'm going to see the new James bond film on Saturday night so should be good, cant wait....hmmm he is very nice :P

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Toria xxxx

Toria Crossland
13/02/1985 - 22/10/2008.
Words can not say how upset i feel or how lost i feel to have lost Toria, we had not been talking long but i had been a fan of her blogs for months.
She was such a fighter and was so full of spirit!
She loved her boyfriend Luke so much and her baby boy Edward who was only 10 months old.
Edward wont remember Toria as she is to young but i don't doubt for a min that Luke will ever let him for get the best mummy in the world.
Toria you really are an angel and I'm just sorry that we never got to meet.
Love to you d your little family.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Back To Normal.

The 1st time Connor sat up on his own.
Connor looking so cute.
Hmm not sure if he likes it.
Tobias in a bag.

Well as the title Say's Connor is back to normal.

He woke up today at around 8am and wasn't hot so i didn't give him Nurofen or Calpol, he was still a bit sleepy but ok.

He had his milk then nicked some of my crisps i was eating and since then he hasn't stopped playing and laughing! he has come up in some spots all over his belly, back and face but i dont think its anything to worry about, but i will keep my eye on it. he keeps laying on the floor and looking up at the light and laughing....whats that all about?

I have ordered some (6) calenders for people for x-mas and one for me! they didn't cost that much as they were buy one get one free at Tesco Photo's Online. I got 2 A3 size ones (one for me and one for my mum) and 4 A4 size ones (for Matt's mum, one for my nan my other nan and Cathy and grandad).

Me and Matt had our flu jabs on Saturday and my arm has only just stopped hurting lol, I'm such a baby with things like that, I'm fine with the huge needle they put in my port every month but come near me with a flu jab and you wont see me for dust!

Matt is at work today and then at college tonight so i have a nice night in on my own, TV is all mine! YAY! and that means no Xbox 360!!!!

*I added some photo's that i found that were off Matt's phone*

Monday, 13 October 2008

All Fun And Game's.

Connor and mummy on the slide.
Don't ask coz i don't know lol.
Grandad and Connor playing peek-a-boo!
Connor asleep on the floor.
Connor on the swings.
Connor not so happy after a bit.
Daddy and Connor on the slide.
This week we have mostly been having fun and games, we have been to the park and have been playing peek-a-boo alot.
Connor has started to do things over and over again, he likes to say "it's all gone" by putting his hands up when we say it.
He also puts its hand over his mouth when we say "Oh no!" lol its so cute :)
He claps, waves and dancers as well! now all we need is for him to start and walk! he can walk along the sofa but not yet alone....hmmm.
Connor hasn't been to well over the last few days, Saturday he woke up with a high temp and was very sleepy and doppey and didn't eat anything but was drinking his milk, Sunday he woke up the same and didn't eat anything again, then today Monday, he woke up hot again but once he had had some nurofen he felt better and spent the rest of the day sleeping on the floor and playing with some of his toy's but he is very clingy and will only come to me and it is very tiring but I'm doing ok and am keeping up with all my meds (well most, nebs keep getting missed)
Toria is still the same really so its still a waiting game and we just have to keep our fingers crossed for her and her family.

Monday, 6 October 2008


This Post is for Toria,
Toria has CF like me and also a little boy called Edward who is 9 months old, Toria is very unwell in ICU (i think) and i don't know what she will get home again...I'm not even sure what to put here but that she and Luke (Toria's BF and Edward's dad) and Edward are in my heart and i have been thinking about her every day praying that she will pull thur and over come this.
My good friend Charlotte is in bits at the moment worrying about Toria and I'm not sure what i can do or say to help, i just feel a bit out of place not knowing what to say to her. i cant say anything to make the pain go away.

I got very upset looking at Toria's photo's on facebook the other day, it was all very sad.

I know Toria has to pull thur and will get over this, i just know it because in her blog she is so strong and so full of life!

Thinking of you Toria! xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 2 October 2008

My Little Man.

Connor with his ball in black and white!

I like this one of Connor in black and white.

Nice one of Connor's long hair.

Connor and Daddy at Tumble Tot's.

Connor on the beam.

Connor at the pub.

And Connor in his new PJ's.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Xbox and Work.

Well i have been kicked out of the living room and Matt has picked his Xbox 306 over me! well not really lol i left as i was so sick and tired of sitting there with that damm thing on. Grrr...
Anyway i feel really happy up here, I'm tucked up in bed with the lap top on my lap (nice and warm) my TV is on, i have my feed on (i do it before bed) and i have a cold glass of coke, heaven!

Matt has gone back to work 16 hours a week now as I'm alot better and I'm staying home alot more (been out since 24th July) and he is going to do that for about 6 months and then we will see what we do next then.
So far it has been alright, im enjoying time with connor on my own, i get alot of the house clean and it stays clean (well at least till Matt gets home that is lol) and i get dinner done for when he comes home.
now i know its not much but for me doing all that and looking after Connor on my own for 2 days a week, its a big thing, sooo big!
im very proud of myself.

Connor has about 7 teeth!!! i know, where did they all come from.
he also loves to say "wow wow", its so cute.

I'm very tired now that I'm in bed so I'm going to log off and will blog again soon.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Better mood

Well I'm in a better mood now, have been since i went to bed and woke up on the right side of the bed lol
Matt didn't wake me up when he came up, which is good because i think i would have killed him if he had. men don't think do they?

Today i went shopping with Connor, it was very nice just the two of us altho i did get very tired by the end but we was out for over 2 hour's so i think i did do very well if i do say so myself....and Connor isn't light and nor is shopping lol

I'm still doing very well at the moment. don't know what i weigh now but i was thinking about getting some scales so i can keep a track on how well (or bad) I'm doing or would that be like jinxing it??

I have got alot of my x-mas stuff already, I'm doing very well. I'm making my mum and Matt's mum a hamper for x-mas but I'm not putting food in its just going to be girly bits.
Matt wants a i-pod nano so I'm going to have a look on the net for them to moz (to tired tonight)

Saying that i think I'm to tired to put anymore in to this blog so i think I'm going to go. i will blog to moz or day after as i have new photos of Connor to put up.

*You can tell im tired as im not wrighting the right words i.e doing sort hand* *tut tut chantelle*

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bad Mood.

I don't know why but I'm in such a bad mood that i think its best if i just go to bed soon, i may end up saying something to Matt that i don't mean.
I don't know what to do....have you ever been like this, everything is just crap (or you feel like it is at the time)
Matt has a new game for his Xbox 360 (star wars the clones or something i think) and we don't have the money for it really but he just had to have it, that has but me in a mood i know that, then when we got home we had to put the football on then i was doing something on the lap top that took me about an hour to do (photo book with Connor in it) and then i lost it some how even tho i saved just went.
I just wish Matt would get off his butt once in a while and take me out for a meal or even buy me some flowers, just make an effort for once.
There is 2 piles of washing that i did and ironed 2 weeks ago and there still on the dinning room table (there to big for me to take up, i would prob pass out by time i was done lol) and i keep asking him to do it so i can put them away and he just says yeah in a min and then never gets round to doing it.
The house never seems to be as clean as i would like, but Matt thinks its fine but it really gets to me, like if there is an empty glass on the side i have to wash it up but Matt is happy to leave it there for days on end!
I think i know what I'm in a bad mood's men and there toys and there crap way of cleaning or putting things off that's what is putting me in this foul mood that i cant seem to kick...I'm going to go to bed and read my book (Jordan's 2nd book) and then have an early night, that should help and by then i will be asleep by time Matt gets in bed so then when i wake up i will be ok again......(finger's crossed)

Whet to Papworth on Wednesday and everything is good, got to keep on top of my Neb's more as I'm really crap at them and got to do more phyiso.
Weight : 48.8kg
LF : 45%

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tumble tots

Today i booked Connor in to Tumble tot's for Monday at 11.30am, its going to be alot of fun i think...i hope lol I'm not to sure what they do but we will never find out unless we go. Charlotte sends her little girl and she loves it so Connor should be fine :)
Its £5.40 for 45 Min's and were going to a trial day so if he don't like it we wont have payed out for the whole term.

I have not got changed from being in my pj's all day!!! how bad is that, at 1st i was just going to get changed after i had eaten then it was after Connor's nap, then lunch and they when i looked at the time again it was like 5pm and by then i didn't think it was worth it.

Matt is going paint balling with his mates next months, there all going to be half dead when they came back lol, they went about 2 years ago and my dad and mates dad and Matt's uncle all went as well but after it my dad and Matt's dad couldn't even walk lol and Matt's uncle had to have a op on his keen after someone shot him in the leg and it damaged his keen... not good.

Matt is out at his brothers tonight having an XBOX 360 guys night so I'm home on my own, i don't mind as i get to have anything on TV that i want without Matt getting the hump.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Connor in his England kit he got for his birthday.

Connor laughing at Rory and the gang at Haven.

Laughing again.

Connor smiling the day after, before we left to go home.

Connor asleep on the sofa.

Connor after he just woke up from his nap.

Connor playing with his new toy that my good friend Charlotte got him for his birthday.

Connor having his weetabix sat in his new chair he got for his birthday.

Connor playing on his fire truck he got for his birthday from his great nan.

Coughing and teeth.

I have a a normal none CF person it sounds as if I'm just about to drop dead lol i do get some funny looks but i just joke and say "ohh I'm die-ing" and then they look more worried hehe.
I still feel very well but its just the cough i have, I'm coughing up at bit more then i have been but I'm not worried about it, i also have a runny nose (nice eh lol) too so i might just have a bit of a cold starting, well see how it is over the next few day.

I went to the Dr's today to get the Depo jab and the nurse checked my weight and I'm not at 49kg!!!!! wow only 1kg left to go, I'm going to see if i can put it on but the time i go back to papworth on Wednesday, after I'm at 50kg I'm not sure what will happen with my feeds so i need to find out about that.

Connor has 6 teeth!!! where did they came from i hear you ask, well to tell you the truth I'm not sure lol one day he had 2 and the next he has 6! he has 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom now.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Chicken pox!

Connor has chicken pox or a virus the Dr said when we took him to have his jabs last week. we don't think it is chicken pox as he don't have many spots and isn't scratching, i think it is teething spots but just to be sure were not going out at the mo.
We were ment to be going to my mates little girls 1st birthday party today but didn't coz if he has got chicken pox we didn't want to give them to any one else.

my mate (who i tho was a very good mate) is getting married on the 20th and she has not yet invited me even tho she has invited our other mate and her hen party is on the 8th and yet again I'm not invited to that.....think she is telling me something? im not very happy about it but i wont ask her until after coz i don't want her to invite me just coz i said something. i don't think we will be close mates from now on, I'm very upset about it to tell you the truth.

I'm sick of the XBOX 360!! i want to burn them all.....Matt is always on his and then if he isn't on that he is on the bloody lap top, i cant win. we never just sit together on the sofa (always on a diff sofa at a time) with the TV on. its like i bore him....

Having a bit of a moan in this post.

I still feel gr8 at the mo tho so that's something good in my life at the mo lol not that Connor isn't gr8 :) he still only has 2 teeth and he is 14 months old in 21 days, will he ever get any more or will he forever be the boy with 2 teeth?

Yes Gemma I'm back lol i didn't go for long was just enjoying my freedom from hospital!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Life is good, life is gr8!
I'm so busy with life, i feel gr8 and hope i don't go back in to hospital soon.

Connor is only walking along the sofa and with us when we hold his hand, not sure when he will take the plunge and go it alone! he also has some top teeth coming Thur at the mo so he has a really red bum and runny nose poor thing. were going to the Dr's to moz so he can have his 12 months jabs but they don't do it if the baby is unwell so i don't know if they will do his or not.

I'm getting Fat! yes that's what i said FAT. its gr8 coz I'm feeling lots better and staying out of hospital but the bad thing is its all gone to my belly and i cant fit in any of my jeans so had to go and get a few new pair's (well only 3 as i cant afford anymore yet lol) alot of my top are getting very tight too so will have to get some more of them.

way to much has happened for me to say about it all in one blog so i will update more this week, and I'm tired and want my bed lol

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Last few weeks....

I have been so bad at updating my blog since i have got out of papworth, i just never seem to have the time. I feel really well so I'm just spending all my free time with Matt once Connor as gone to bed as it really seems like we don't do much together (even tho he don't work)

We have been selling a lot of stuff on ebay at the mo to get a bit of money to pay off the credit card, don't have to much left on it now so I'm really happy about that.

We have spent a bit today on new things for the house, we got a phone stand (like a tall thin table) and a nest of three tables (they match the phone stand) we want to get a few more things as well that go with the set but we didn't really have the money to buy it all in one go.
We got some wood-effect PVC blinds for the big window in the living room too and it was a really good deal, the window is 180cm by 160cm drop so its very big and all the wood blinds i wanted were around £70+ so that's was no good and then we found the wood-effect ones and they looked good and when we asked the young guy with long hair who worked there how much they were he said £12.99, and for that price well you cant go wrong can you so we went up to the till to pay and the lady scanned the blind and then said "That will be £10.39 please".....we payed and left fast in case she had messed up and it was really more then that lol.

Connor has been teething like mad over the last few weeks but still only has the 2 bottom teeth that he got when he was around 9 months old, My close friend Charlotte got me some Ashton & Parsons infants powders to help him and we have given him so of that tonight, so fingers crossed he has a better nights sleep then he did last night....At 2.11am (i looked at the clock lol) Connor woke up screaming the house down and just would not go back to sleep, in the end we had him in bed with us until he fell asleep then we put him back in his cot at around 4.30am (we put his cot in our room with us in case he woke up again) and he stayed asleep till 8am!!! Matt fell asleep in the night while i was with Connor waiting for him to go to sleep so he let me have a lay in till 9am so that was nice.
We have started putting Connor to bed awake and letting him get himself to sleep but he cry's so much for about 15mins its heart-braking but if we don't it will be a lot harder as time goes on.

I went out for dinner last night with 2 of my best mates Dee and Laura, we went to a Italian and it was lovely then we went back to Dee's flat for a drink and i didn't end up getting home till around 11pm lol i went out at 6.30pm but it was such a good night i really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we are taking Connor swimming for the 1st time ever! i cant wait. we are going with Laura so that will be really nice. I will be taking photo's of it and will post a new blog with them.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Connor's 1st birthday

Connor with his birthday cake
Connor all smiles on his new fire truck

Again on his new toy

Some of Connor's card's

TV looks better then presents

YAY he liked his new phone

Connor's 1st Balloon

On 26th July 2008 was Connor's 1st birthday, we had such a good day and it went really well.
Connor was a star and didn't get grumpy at all, he had so much fun with all his nanny's (3 nanny's and 3 grate nanny's) he was also spoilt rotten by everyone....we have so many toy's now that they take up half of the living room lol
Connor has started to walk along the sofa now, wont be long now until he walks on his own, we cant wait.
This is a bit of a rushed blog as I'm very tired and going to get an early night tonight but i will blog again very soon and tell you all what has been going on :)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Shopping and overnight feeds

Today was a really good day, i had such a nice time.
Me and Matt went shopping and got Connor a Disney towel for his birthday, also we got Keeley the Lady dog teddy out of the Lady and the Tramp film so i hope she will like that and i also got a new bag from River Island so I'm happy lol.

I have set my feed to 800ml now so I'll see if that is ok, when i started the feeds in Dec last year (2007) doing 1000ml all at once was making me sick right after (not nice and a waste of time doing the feed) so i went down to just 500ml and i have worked my way back up, i was on 775ml but have set it to 800ml tonight so we will say.
I also don't like doing my feed overnight as it wakes me up when i have to turn it off and i don't like it as some times it leaks and that's not nice at all so i have my dinner around 6pm and then start my feed at around 7-8pm and its done in about 3 hours.

I have not seen Connor today so I'm a bit upset about that :( i will see him tomorrow and then on Monday i will see him everyday!!!! until i get dragged back in here that is.
We have now put him on cow's milk (blue top) as he was coming up to his 1st birthday and at one they can change from baby's milk to cow's, he is doing very well on it and its so much easier not having to make his bottle's up Matt says (changed him over while i was in hospital) and we are trying him on more "our" foods and all is going well, he had a chip the other day from Mc Donald's....prob not the best food for him but it was only one chip and he seemed to like mushing it up more then he did like eating it.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The talk...

I had the talk with Dr Floto today about Transplants, it was ok and not as bad as i was thinking. He is putting me on more pills and inhalers and is going to get me a bone scan done and i have to go to the liver clinic again as my liver scan shows it is a bit worse then last year and all in all were going to see how things go over the next few months and then talk about it again i guess.
I don't want a Transplant but it don't bare thinking about what will happen if i don't....
Anyway there is no point in worrying about this at the minute.

I got rudely woken at 5.40am today by a thick nurse who was doing the night shift, anyway she woke me up to ask if i would do a 5.40am in the morning??? It took all my strength not to ram the BM machine down her throat.
She then asked me if i was refusing, so that made me even more mad.

I get to go home on Monday and i cant wait, its going to be so nice to sleep in my own bed again and to eat a good cooked meal again and i have missed Matt and Connor so much, the cat i have not missed so much lol

Me and my mates Dee and Laura are meeting up on Tuesday and going up the town shopping, i have missed shopping as i get very tired but with me coming out of hospital the day before I'm guessing i will be well enough for a few hours walking about, Connor is coming and also Dee's little girl Keeley so that will be nice.
It is also Laura's birthday on Tuesday too so it will be nice to have lunch out and i can give her her birthday gift today, its a pink box with number 7 make up in it, it is really nice so i hope she likes it.

Next week is so busy as its Connor's birthday next Saturday and we have so much to do for it, me and my mum are getting Connor's hair cut on Thursday, i hope he is going to sit still so he don't end up with half an ear by the end of it...Matt would not be to happy with me.
On the Friday me and my mum are going shopping for a birthday cake for Connor, its going to be a plain white iced one and I'm going to then decorate it, i have already got him the candle to go on it, it is a blue number one with a elephant, its so cute.
I will take photo's and put them up once i have done it.

I'm going to go see the new Mamma Mia movies with Dee and Laura sometime next week, i cant wait as its meant to be really good, my nurse went last night and she said i have to see it as its so good and she had such a good time.

So that's my plans for next week and cant wait.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Papworth, Bumps and Birthdays

Well been back in Papworth (my CF hospital) for 6 days so far and I'm so bored, I'm an hour away from home so that means i don't get to see Connor much as he gets bored up here as there isn't anything for a baby to do really.
The main thing is that i am getting better and so hope i will stay out of here for more then 3 weeks, fingers crossed.
I came in on Monday at around 5pm after ringing them about 10am, i could not go in right away as they didn't have a bed for me till after the ward round had been done around 2pm.
When i came in i saw the on call Dr and had my port needle put in, then i was told that i was to have my bronchoscopy the next day and so could not start my i.v's that day. -

A bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows us to look at the airways, or the tracheobronchial tree, through a special sort of “scope”, called a bronchoscope. With the bronchoscope, we can evaluate the respiratory system, including the voice box (larynx), the wind pipe (trachea), and the airways (bronchi) for evidence of any abnormality or infection.

- Got that off a web site i found on the Internet as i didn't have a clue as to what to put as i was asleep.

I had the bronchoscopy done and it was fine, don't remember any of it thank god! altho i was in a bit of pain with my right side as the Dr had got a lot of sputum off that side, they gave me pain killers and i was fine if not groggy for a day or so after.

With me being in here Matt has to look after Connor all on his own and he is doing a good job altho Connor has had to bumps in 6 days.....
1st one he fell off our bed and hit his head on the bedside table as he fell, Matt said Connor cried his little heart out bless him and he now has a red mark on his head by his eyebrow!
2nd Connor was playing on the floor with his toys and Matt had put the baby walker down and lent it on the wall, Connor crawled over and pushed it and it fell on him...more crying but he was ok.
I have now given Matt orders to not let anything else happen to Connor or i will be coming home early to keep an eye on him.

Connor will be one years old in 14 days!!!!! i cant wait, i will be out of hospital and feel well and can really enjoy the day, i cant wait to see Connor open his gifts from everyone and have everyone round our house for the 1st time since we moved in back in feb.
I was going to bake Connor a birthday cake from scrach but with having to be admited to hospital i now think i wont have very much time and as i have never baked a cake before i don't want to mess it up and not have enough time to do another one so i am now going to get a plain white iced cake from tesco and decorate it myself altho I'm not sure how i will do this yet, i know i will be putting one candle on and it will be blue but that's as far as i have got so i will have to have a look online at others to see what to do.

(I know the spelling is bad lol)

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Connor an his toy box

Connor pulling himself up to his knees to look in his toy box and pull toys out. it wont be long untill he will be walking im sure.