Friday, 31 October 2008

One Step For Man Kind....

Connor is walking!!!!!

Wow, i am so happy he has taken his 1st steps on his own.
He took his 1st on Monday and now he can walk across our living room (mind you our living room isn't big lol) he is very uneasy on his feet still but it can only get batter now!
With him walking it will help me so much as i wont have to carry him to the car or around the house if i want him to go in another room with me.
He is also understanding lots of words, he knows what to do when i tell him he to close to the TV and he needs to sit down, he knows what you mean when you ask where his dummy is, he will go and get it and so many more :D

I'm going on some i.v's on Wednesday 5th, its not because I'm unwell or anything its just that i have a cough (hung around after my cold left!) that wont seem to go and i don't want it to turn in to anything around my birthday/Xmas/new year.
I'll be on home i.v's (already talked to my Dr about them) so at least i wont have to go in, not that they have any beds anyway lol yay
Don't know what my LF at the moment, will find out on Wednesday but i do know my weight as i went to liver clinic yesterday (all is well by the way) and i was 52kg!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH??? yes I'm wonder my size 8 jeans are getting to small for me lol

Bond...James Bond.... that's right I'm going to see the new James bond film on Saturday night so should be good, cant wait....hmmm he is very nice :P


Gemma said...

oh hope you enjoy James Bond!

Chantelle said...

yes i loved it.....daniel craig is soo hot lol x