Thursday, 15 April 2010

Six Weeks And One Day!

Till our wedding!!
There isn't really that much more to do i don't think, got to get the cake but as were getting that from M&S we cant order it till 2 weeks before and the only other thing i have to get is the wedding favors....Oh and we have to get our rings but Matt's mum is going to Dubai next week so she is going to get them for us as we only want plan bands so may as well save some money!
Matt has to get his best man gifts (he has 2 best men) and that's about it i think...I'm going to do my own make-up coz i didn't wanna have to pay lots for someone else to do it when i can do it myself and my hair is getting done by my bridesmaids mate who is a hairdresser so that's not going to be lots too!

Non-wedding things going on at the mo are that I'm getting me PEG (tube in my belly to do overnight feeds) put back in two weeks after the wedding as I'm now in a size 6 jeans and I'm not even filling that! i hate it and just don't want to look ill anymore, so a bit of weight and fat on me will do me good!
i think I'm a little bit more scared in a way of having it put back in because i have already had it in before and know that it is going to hurt for a few weeks after and also that it can get infected like my last one so i really done want that to happen again. i just have to be more careful i think, i just don't want to get a OCD from it lol

Been thinking about Connor's 3rd birthday this week and we are going to have a BBQ and get a bouncy castle for him, i think he will love it and also Matt will too after all it was his idea...tell a lie he wanted one for the wedding but i said no!

I'm going in hospital on the 28th of April if there is a bed at the time so i can start my i.v's before the wedding and be really well for it, I'm hoping to stay in for the 2 weeks if i can hold out for that long that is. i also have to start i.v's right after the wedding so i can be in good nick for the PEG op and then i don't want i.v's again till the winter lol

I now use contacts! also use my glasses when im in like now. i have only used the contacts 2 times so far but there good and i like them :D