To Do List.

My to do list for after i get new lungs...

* Park at the far end of a shopping center car park and walk all the way to the shops!

* Run....cant remember the last time i did this.

* Breath without thinking about it.

* Play with Connor.

* Cook a dinner all by my self.

* Get a job, any job i want.

* Learn to drive a forklift.

* Start saving (cant do at the mo while on benefits)

* Get another puppy.

* Walk Roxy on my own, not done it since she was a puppy.

* Laugh and not worry about having a coughing fit and being sick.

* Go on holiday, not been in 10 years.

* Walk Connor to school and back every day.

* Re-decorate the house

If i think of anything else i will add to it.