Monday, 22 September 2008

Better mood

Well I'm in a better mood now, have been since i went to bed and woke up on the right side of the bed lol
Matt didn't wake me up when he came up, which is good because i think i would have killed him if he had. men don't think do they?

Today i went shopping with Connor, it was very nice just the two of us altho i did get very tired by the end but we was out for over 2 hour's so i think i did do very well if i do say so myself....and Connor isn't light and nor is shopping lol

I'm still doing very well at the moment. don't know what i weigh now but i was thinking about getting some scales so i can keep a track on how well (or bad) I'm doing or would that be like jinxing it??

I have got alot of my x-mas stuff already, I'm doing very well. I'm making my mum and Matt's mum a hamper for x-mas but I'm not putting food in its just going to be girly bits.
Matt wants a i-pod nano so I'm going to have a look on the net for them to moz (to tired tonight)

Saying that i think I'm to tired to put anymore in to this blog so i think I'm going to go. i will blog to moz or day after as i have new photos of Connor to put up.

*You can tell im tired as im not wrighting the right words i.e doing sort hand* *tut tut chantelle*

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bad Mood.

I don't know why but I'm in such a bad mood that i think its best if i just go to bed soon, i may end up saying something to Matt that i don't mean.
I don't know what to do....have you ever been like this, everything is just crap (or you feel like it is at the time)
Matt has a new game for his Xbox 360 (star wars the clones or something i think) and we don't have the money for it really but he just had to have it, that has but me in a mood i know that, then when we got home we had to put the football on then i was doing something on the lap top that took me about an hour to do (photo book with Connor in it) and then i lost it some how even tho i saved just went.
I just wish Matt would get off his butt once in a while and take me out for a meal or even buy me some flowers, just make an effort for once.
There is 2 piles of washing that i did and ironed 2 weeks ago and there still on the dinning room table (there to big for me to take up, i would prob pass out by time i was done lol) and i keep asking him to do it so i can put them away and he just says yeah in a min and then never gets round to doing it.
The house never seems to be as clean as i would like, but Matt thinks its fine but it really gets to me, like if there is an empty glass on the side i have to wash it up but Matt is happy to leave it there for days on end!
I think i know what I'm in a bad mood's men and there toys and there crap way of cleaning or putting things off that's what is putting me in this foul mood that i cant seem to kick...I'm going to go to bed and read my book (Jordan's 2nd book) and then have an early night, that should help and by then i will be asleep by time Matt gets in bed so then when i wake up i will be ok again......(finger's crossed)

Whet to Papworth on Wednesday and everything is good, got to keep on top of my Neb's more as I'm really crap at them and got to do more phyiso.
Weight : 48.8kg
LF : 45%

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tumble tots

Today i booked Connor in to Tumble tot's for Monday at 11.30am, its going to be alot of fun i think...i hope lol I'm not to sure what they do but we will never find out unless we go. Charlotte sends her little girl and she loves it so Connor should be fine :)
Its £5.40 for 45 Min's and were going to a trial day so if he don't like it we wont have payed out for the whole term.

I have not got changed from being in my pj's all day!!! how bad is that, at 1st i was just going to get changed after i had eaten then it was after Connor's nap, then lunch and they when i looked at the time again it was like 5pm and by then i didn't think it was worth it.

Matt is going paint balling with his mates next months, there all going to be half dead when they came back lol, they went about 2 years ago and my dad and mates dad and Matt's uncle all went as well but after it my dad and Matt's dad couldn't even walk lol and Matt's uncle had to have a op on his keen after someone shot him in the leg and it damaged his keen... not good.

Matt is out at his brothers tonight having an XBOX 360 guys night so I'm home on my own, i don't mind as i get to have anything on TV that i want without Matt getting the hump.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Connor in his England kit he got for his birthday.

Connor laughing at Rory and the gang at Haven.

Laughing again.

Connor smiling the day after, before we left to go home.

Connor asleep on the sofa.

Connor after he just woke up from his nap.

Connor playing with his new toy that my good friend Charlotte got him for his birthday.

Connor having his weetabix sat in his new chair he got for his birthday.

Connor playing on his fire truck he got for his birthday from his great nan.

Coughing and teeth.

I have a a normal none CF person it sounds as if I'm just about to drop dead lol i do get some funny looks but i just joke and say "ohh I'm die-ing" and then they look more worried hehe.
I still feel very well but its just the cough i have, I'm coughing up at bit more then i have been but I'm not worried about it, i also have a runny nose (nice eh lol) too so i might just have a bit of a cold starting, well see how it is over the next few day.

I went to the Dr's today to get the Depo jab and the nurse checked my weight and I'm not at 49kg!!!!! wow only 1kg left to go, I'm going to see if i can put it on but the time i go back to papworth on Wednesday, after I'm at 50kg I'm not sure what will happen with my feeds so i need to find out about that.

Connor has 6 teeth!!! where did they came from i hear you ask, well to tell you the truth I'm not sure lol one day he had 2 and the next he has 6! he has 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom now.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Chicken pox!

Connor has chicken pox or a virus the Dr said when we took him to have his jabs last week. we don't think it is chicken pox as he don't have many spots and isn't scratching, i think it is teething spots but just to be sure were not going out at the mo.
We were ment to be going to my mates little girls 1st birthday party today but didn't coz if he has got chicken pox we didn't want to give them to any one else.

my mate (who i tho was a very good mate) is getting married on the 20th and she has not yet invited me even tho she has invited our other mate and her hen party is on the 8th and yet again I'm not invited to that.....think she is telling me something? im not very happy about it but i wont ask her until after coz i don't want her to invite me just coz i said something. i don't think we will be close mates from now on, I'm very upset about it to tell you the truth.

I'm sick of the XBOX 360!! i want to burn them all.....Matt is always on his and then if he isn't on that he is on the bloody lap top, i cant win. we never just sit together on the sofa (always on a diff sofa at a time) with the TV on. its like i bore him....

Having a bit of a moan in this post.

I still feel gr8 at the mo tho so that's something good in my life at the mo lol not that Connor isn't gr8 :) he still only has 2 teeth and he is 14 months old in 21 days, will he ever get any more or will he forever be the boy with 2 teeth?

Yes Gemma I'm back lol i didn't go for long was just enjoying my freedom from hospital!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Life is good, life is gr8!
I'm so busy with life, i feel gr8 and hope i don't go back in to hospital soon.

Connor is only walking along the sofa and with us when we hold his hand, not sure when he will take the plunge and go it alone! he also has some top teeth coming Thur at the mo so he has a really red bum and runny nose poor thing. were going to the Dr's to moz so he can have his 12 months jabs but they don't do it if the baby is unwell so i don't know if they will do his or not.

I'm getting Fat! yes that's what i said FAT. its gr8 coz I'm feeling lots better and staying out of hospital but the bad thing is its all gone to my belly and i cant fit in any of my jeans so had to go and get a few new pair's (well only 3 as i cant afford anymore yet lol) alot of my top are getting very tight too so will have to get some more of them.

way to much has happened for me to say about it all in one blog so i will update more this week, and I'm tired and want my bed lol