Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Not A Good Week.

Not a good week at all, i started i.v's on Wednesday 20th April but got to do them all at home so didn't need a stay in hospital.
I'm feeling a little better so that's a good thing but i have a dry cough now that's driving me mad!

My great auntie Pat passed away on Saturday after a hard battle with cancer, she hadn't been well before they found the cancer. we are all very upset, my mum and nan cried so much :( but she is not in pain now so that's the main thing.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Not Feeling To Chipper

I'm feeling a bit off today so thought it was best to ring the hospital and start some iv's as i know i have to make sure my CRP is down now ready for TX so its best to be on the side of caution really.
I don't think they will keep me, they need the beds and i don't want or need to stay in but to be on the safe size i will be taking a bag with me just in case.

Today has been so stressful with Connor and Matt, Matt's stressed i think because he is worrying about me and he is trying to do all the house work and look after me and Connor and Connor is at that age where he is pushing the line to see how far he can go. All that makes for a stressful house to be in.

I wish i get the call soon so i can start being a real mum to Connor again and Matt can go back to work, life is just at a stand still and its not nice, its not living its just surviving.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Transplant Bag

What to put in my bag, i cant think what to put in. I have had a lot of friends tell me what they put in but i still don't have a clue so still don't have a bag packed after 8 days of being on the list.
I will tell you what i have already got and what I'm going to get to put in and then let me know if there is anything else you can all think of.

* 2 new sets of vest/shorts pj's in a bigger size (when it gets cold i will add a set of long pj's too)
* Dressing gown/slippers
* 2 sets of clothes and a pair of trainers for once I'm up and about
* Flannel
* Towel, bath and hand.
* New toothbrush (not elec) and new tooth paste
* New pack of baby wipes and face wipes
* Pack of 8 new disposable razors
* New shaving gel
* Shampoo and conditioner
* New hand gel stuff for bugs
* Body wash/deodorant/cotton buds/small make-up bag/new lip sil
* E45 cream
* Hair brush/bands/clips
* DS game
* Note pad and pen
* Puzzle books
Bits to put in on the night
* Snacks/drinks
* Mobile phone + charger
* Laptop
* Mags/books
* Meds that I'm on

(But some bits in for Matt for a few days too)

I cant think of anything else at the moment, can anyone else add to that?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Life As We Know It

This last week has really been in the fast lane and so much has happened.
First we found out on Friday 8th April that I'm now on the active list and now just have to wait for a phone call from a privet/withheld number.
I'm not at all freaking out about it, I'm really not expecting the call if you can do that? might just be me being odd, everyone else might be running around like a headless chicken (*sad face* - will come back to that one) I'm very happy and clam about it all and just being too laid back maybe? i haven't even packed my TX bag yet, but in all fairness i have started! (New face wipes,tooth brush,tooth paste and baby wipes got) but on the other hand there not even in a bag yet.
Coming back to the *sad face*, my mum and dad have been on holiday all week and me and my brothers have been looking after the dogs and chickens, i.e feeding and cleaning them and harry was at home anyway so they were ok and the day before they got home (Friday)  we found a dead chicken! stiff as a board she was, poor nanny's chicken as said by Connor when he saw the chicken. anyway the inconsiderate chicken passed away right at the back of the chicken pen so it meant someone had to get in there and get her out...Lewis got the short straw and with some marigolds he went in and got the chicken out and popped her in a black bin bag and then took her and put her in a biffa bin - very dignified send off...not.
Saturday we picked my mum and dad up from the airport and broke the news of the chickens passing, mum was a little upset but this is the 3rd chicken to pass away now so i think she is ok with it, the first time she cried so much that you would think it was one of her children or even a dog that had gone.
Anyway Connor was with Matt's mum and dad all day Saturday and he come home not very well, he was sick 2 times in the day and then i lost count of the times he was sick in the night but Sunday looked like a better day and he wasn't sick so we thought he was over it...we was wrong and he was up 4 times Sunday night being sick so no one had a good sleep.
On Monday morning at 8am we took him to the A&E as we was worried me might be dehydrated as he wasn't eating or drinking much but turned out he wasn't and just had a viral infection and if he wasn't any better to bring him back in for some penicillin. He woke up today really happy and back to his old self, that was until he started to get the runs! not pretty and not nice, good job Matt is around to sort Connor out and for once maybe my CF has gotten me out of a nasty job.....?

My tattoo is healing up really nice and I'm really happy with them, will upload a photo once my camera is fixed, all the photos i have at the mo are taken on my iPhone and i can upload them from there at the mo.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Facebook Group And Tattoos

I have set up a facebook group so everyone on my facebook will know when i have my transplant.
Matt is going to keep it up to date when i get the call and then on how I'm doing after, its better this way instead of him text/facebooking all of my friends personally.
I'm a bit upset with it at the mo tho as around 15 people have left and one asked me to take her off it, i didn't want to piss anyone off with it i you tho that since there on my facebook then they would at least want to know how i am doing...maybe they shouldn't be on my facebook to start with?

I got two tattoos done last night, Connor on my right wrist and Matt on my left wrist :) I'm really happy with them and it was the 1st time i have had a tattoo done without numbing cream haha

anyway i will post again soon when the hospital have rang me about being on the list.