Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Me

Well i was going to start and do this blog right and try to update it every day but then i was thinking that there isnt much going on in my life that can worrant me doing that! it wouldnt be much of a blog, it would go something like this -

Monday 1st Jan
Today i walked the dog, did a bit of cleaning and then made dinner.....

Not much but a normal day really is it, nothing to excting going on, so i will now just update at least once a week and try and do this more for myself then anyone else, if i did it for other people then i would be here all the time, and prob bore everyone or end up making stuff up to make my little life seem more then it is lol

Right now we have that out the way we can talk about all the stuff that has been going on in the last month, i ended up back in hospital on the 22nd dec and didnt get out till xmas eve and the dr wasnt too happy at that and wanted to keep me till xmad day morning! as you can guess this didnt sit well with me so i whent one 1pm on xmas eve, chantelle 1, dr 0!!

I had my 27th birthday in dec too, it was such a good feeling being abel to run around and do stuff with all the family without being on my oxygen and having to rest every 5 mins, it is so diffarent from my 26th birthday that i couldnt really get used to it. another thing i havent been abel to get used to yet is feeling so well all the time, i have only felt ill once since getting my new lungs 7 months ago and that was when my feeding tube got infected and had to come out, other then that i have been 100% well and its really really hard to understand and get used to.
i dont have to stop and think if i can do this or that and its just down right odd lol

Christmas was lovely, i was abel to keep going the whole day and then on boxing day too! we got up and opened our presents, i got 2 lots of pj's, 2 books about the tudor times, a links of london bracelett and a gift card. matt got manily clothes and a blu ray and connor got tons of toy! then we went to my mum and dads for the morning and opened our bits there, we got a new mini dyson hover! best present ever lol
then we went over to my grandads to open more presents then we went to matts mum and dads for dinner and then more presents! we was all very spoilt indeed!

Boxing day was really nice, we went over to my mums couise lesley's and her husband alex house and had a really good time, i made cupcakes and took them with us, they went down a treat so im chuffed with that.

Im joining the gym this week (i know, i know lol i have been saying it for months now!) but this time im really going to do it. i have sorted all my paperwork out and even got a photo done for my membership card. im going to try swimming for a bit 1st as the dr says that the best thing for my lungs.
my LF is at 1.68 liters at the mo and i dont have to be back to the hospital till the 17th so i really want to be around 2 litres. so thats a gold to get too, another gold is to get rid of this belly that i have gained in the last 3-4 months! its madness that im now fat! so fat for most of my clothes but im not going to buy anymore, i will get a flat belly back again if its the last thing i ever do!

i have more to tell you all about but i need to go do connors dinner now so i will save that all for my next blog later in the week