Monday, 7 May 2012

Who ate all the pies!!!!

Hi all Well I really am crap with this blogging lark, it seems I have new lungs and that's it I have a life again and don't have time to do anything else lol Connor is doing really good at school, he will be finished with reception in just over 2 months! That has gone so fast and he is growing up so much and will be 5 years old soon! He makes me proud more and more each day...he truly is the best thing that has ever happened in my life! In 16 days I will have had my new lungs for a year, a WHOLE year people! Wow. My life has changed so much in that year and so much has happened, I can breathe and I can run, I have been swimming with Connor, I have got myself a bike and have been on that and I love it, well I do apart from the fact I think I have eaten a bug every time I have been out riding it lol. Jas (my tx dr) has but me on a diet, at the mo I'm 58kg and when I got back to clinic at the end of the month he wants me to be 56kg, now that really don't seem that hard but it is, it really is. It's so hard to cut back when all my life I have been made to eat everything and had 2 feeding tubes put in coz I couldn't put the weight on and now there telling me to stop eating, it's so confusing. We're doing up the living room and dinning room, at the moment we have taken off the woodchip wallpaper in the living room and will start on the living room next week. I can't wait till its all done and looking lovely. Once that's all do we are going to take up the carpet and put wood down and get a nice rug and then some new sofas! It's all going to get done this year. Getting my new dog soon as well, it's a northern Inuit and should be born early June, I'm more excited about that then anything else lol were going to a dog show next Sunday so that will be nice. Going to see about picking up roxy a new bed as she has ripped her one up. Anyway got to go and start cleaning up now, left it as long as I can but I really must tackle the bathroom lol and I don't see Matt putting on the rubber gloves and starting!

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Me

Well i was going to start and do this blog right and try to update it every day but then i was thinking that there isnt much going on in my life that can worrant me doing that! it wouldnt be much of a blog, it would go something like this -

Monday 1st Jan
Today i walked the dog, did a bit of cleaning and then made dinner.....

Not much but a normal day really is it, nothing to excting going on, so i will now just update at least once a week and try and do this more for myself then anyone else, if i did it for other people then i would be here all the time, and prob bore everyone or end up making stuff up to make my little life seem more then it is lol

Right now we have that out the way we can talk about all the stuff that has been going on in the last month, i ended up back in hospital on the 22nd dec and didnt get out till xmas eve and the dr wasnt too happy at that and wanted to keep me till xmad day morning! as you can guess this didnt sit well with me so i whent one 1pm on xmas eve, chantelle 1, dr 0!!

I had my 27th birthday in dec too, it was such a good feeling being abel to run around and do stuff with all the family without being on my oxygen and having to rest every 5 mins, it is so diffarent from my 26th birthday that i couldnt really get used to it. another thing i havent been abel to get used to yet is feeling so well all the time, i have only felt ill once since getting my new lungs 7 months ago and that was when my feeding tube got infected and had to come out, other then that i have been 100% well and its really really hard to understand and get used to.
i dont have to stop and think if i can do this or that and its just down right odd lol

Christmas was lovely, i was abel to keep going the whole day and then on boxing day too! we got up and opened our presents, i got 2 lots of pj's, 2 books about the tudor times, a links of london bracelett and a gift card. matt got manily clothes and a blu ray and connor got tons of toy! then we went to my mum and dads for the morning and opened our bits there, we got a new mini dyson hover! best present ever lol
then we went over to my grandads to open more presents then we went to matts mum and dads for dinner and then more presents! we was all very spoilt indeed!

Boxing day was really nice, we went over to my mums couise lesley's and her husband alex house and had a really good time, i made cupcakes and took them with us, they went down a treat so im chuffed with that.

Im joining the gym this week (i know, i know lol i have been saying it for months now!) but this time im really going to do it. i have sorted all my paperwork out and even got a photo done for my membership card. im going to try swimming for a bit 1st as the dr says that the best thing for my lungs.
my LF is at 1.68 liters at the mo and i dont have to be back to the hospital till the 17th so i really want to be around 2 litres. so thats a gold to get too, another gold is to get rid of this belly that i have gained in the last 3-4 months! its madness that im now fat! so fat for most of my clothes but im not going to buy anymore, i will get a flat belly back again if its the last thing i ever do!

i have more to tell you all about but i need to go do connors dinner now so i will save that all for my next blog later in the week

Monday, 14 November 2011


I'm fat and its making me really upset, i look preg and i feel so ugly but i just cant seem to stop myself from eating. I'm over eating that's the problem I'm having and its because of the steroids I'm on but also the fact that food has never tasted this good to me before that I'm going a bit mad with it.
Matt says i don't look like i think i look but he cant understand how i feel, he says how can i be fat when i can still fit in size 8 jeans and 6-10 in tops but for someone like me who has never really filled out a size 6 before i now feel massive!!
I'm going to join the gym this week with my friend Laura and our friend Aimee also is a member there already so that will be nice, be a good thing to do every few days and i will get some me time away from the house, Matt and Connor.
Matt is getting me a bike for my birthday in dec but were getting it when he gets paid at the end of the month so i can start getting fit right away.
i cant wait to go try all the bikes and pick my new one, i haven't had one since i was around 13!! that's like 13 years ago lol that's half my life!
I'm also going to start swimming too, its going to be so much fun. i cant remember the last time i went was maybe when Connor was around one years old. he hasn't been swimming since then too so i would like to start taking him to swimming lessons next year in the summer time.

I ave got lots of my Xmas gifts sorted out this year already, i worked out how much i have spent on Matt and its around £300 already and i haven't got him that much. i wont say what i have got him just in case he reads this!
i need to get some little bits and bobs for Connor too as we have got his main one already, we got him a go cart, hes going to love it. i cant wait to see his face when he opens it.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hair loss

Hair loss is something you think of old people having to deal with not something you want to have to think about when your 26 years old and yet here i am looking on the Internet for help with my problem of hair loss.
Its really getting me down, all my life i have had lovely thick hair and i have always been very proud of it, that and my long eye lashes were always my best fetchers and now its all gone to pop.
I have also been told to cut down on what I'm eating as my TX team don't want me to start having other problems from being fat! i have never been told to cut back on food but always been told to eat and eat and eat till i cant fit any more in and then eat some more!!!!
i think this blog is more of a down one today and not much else.

My lungs are doing really well at the mo and i haven't had to stay over night in hospital for a month, and i don't have to go back to TX clinic for 6 weeks! it feels like things with my blood are starting to sort them self's out and i can start to relax a bit and start to plan stuff and enjoy my self.
My LF is slowly starting to go up its now at 1.69 today and last week at TX clinic it was at 64% and I'm really working on it for it to be at 70% or more by next clinic.

Connor being at school now is giving me lots of time to sort the house out and get it how i want it, for the last few year i haven't been Abel to do anything but let Matt sort it all out but now i can i have so many plans and ideas that I'm slowly putting in to play with the 1st thing being sorting Roxy out, she has been eating everything lately from Connors toys to my pills and doors and carpet! she started to get out the hallway when we went out so she was put in her cage so she was in one place but she manged to brake out of that too, so i got my brother to fit some big locks to the doors of the kitchin and so far so good that has kept her in there when we go out.
Next i want to put new doors in all the rooms and then sort out the garden, me and Matt was raking up all the dead leafs today and took them down the dump site so the garden looks better already.

Me and Connor did some baking today and made mince pies with edible glitter on them! there were lovely and i had one with a cup of tea while they were still warm and it was (if i do say so my self) the best one i had ever had before lol
Next up is making cup cakes for my mums birthday next week, i cant wait to see how they turn out, my friend Sammie gave me a recipe for cup cakes and the butter icing topping and i have more glitter and sugar flowers to go on top of them.
I'm really getting in to this housewife job now and love being able to do everything, i even like doing the hovering and ironing!!!
So all in all everything is going well apart from my hair loss.....

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hospital Life

I haven't been updating my blog, I'm not sure why as i have been in hospital alot since TX and have had the time but i guess i don't what to moan about being in hospital more now then i was before i got my new lungs. i don't want to seem ungrateful in any way because I'm not, far from it in fact, I'm so happy I'm not on oxygen and not in a wheelchair anymore, i love the fact i can play for hours with Connor without getting tired and out of breath, i can walk my dog Roxy every day, i can do the house work and even love doing it after all these years of sat on the sofa while Matt cleans, i love the fact i don't cough and that i just feel well every day that i wake up.
but with all that I'm still in and out of hospital alot. its not the lungs, there in great condition and the Dr couldn't be happier with them but the anit rejection pills I'm on have messed my bloods up a bit so until that gets sorted out it looks like papworth is going to be my 2nd home for a few months yet.
i came in on the 8th this stay and its now the 25th and I'm still here and looking at another week or so yet.
fingers crossed i don't go mad before then.

In other news Connor started school 2 weeks ago, the Dr let me home on his 1st day so i could walk him to school and back but then i had to come back to the hospital and have only seen Connor 4 times after that :( i miss him but if i don't get my bloods sorted out he wont have a mummy to walk him to school so because of that i need to stay isn't making it easier knowing that.

I'm going to start work at my dads next month doing 16 hours a week while Connors at school, i cant wait as i haven't been to work in years and years. I'm really looking forward to it, makes me feel like I'm doing something with my life and not just sat wasting it.

I'm going to try and up date this blog every week now as i think it will help me with all the hospital stays.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


What a last few months we have had, i don't even know where i should start.
first things first i got my new lungs, and there very nice new lungs as it goes too, i got the call at 5.30am on Monday the 23rd may 2011 and went up with my mum in the ambulance and Matt and my dad followed up in my dads car, Matt's mum and dad came over to look after Connor.
when we gott there i had bloods taken and was taken to the ward i would be going on when i came out of ITC after the op, after the new lungs were all given a good once over and given the all clear i was taken down to start me new life at around 12.15ish. i shade a few tears as i said my see you soons to Matt, mum and dad and then woke up to hear people taking and felt tubes being taken out of my mouth and nose and then after a bit i could open my eyes and see my mum and Matt and i think my dad was there too...i found out it was around 10.30am on the Tuesday so had been out for nearly a whole day but it only seemed like i had close my eyes for a few mins.
i had four chest drains in, two at the front and one either of my sides and a big dressing down my chest from my collar bone area to just above my feeding button. i don't think i was really in any pain that i can think of at that time but i was being sick once i started to eat or drink anything so on the second day (Wednesday) they stopped my morphine and just had me on iv paracetamol and tramadol, also on the Wednesday they took out the two front drains and then the next two the day after that.
i was doing well but as it sounded like i had some gunk stuck i was given a bronch on the Friday and felt much better and not gunky after that and then was taking to the post op ward on the Saturday were i stayed for nearly two weeks and then was sent home! i was in hospital altogether for 17 days, i was told i would be in hospital for around a month so i was very happy that i was doing so well that i could be sent home after such a short stay. i must have been doing very well indeed.

since then I'm getting stronger and stronger and have been back in hospital for another bronch at 3 weeks and now I'm back in as my LF has dropped but apart from that everything else is great so there not to sure whats going on but to be on the safe side they have got me in again to have 3 days of iv 500mg steroids and a bronch at the end to rule out any rejection.

apart from this little blip I'm doing so well and I'm so proud of myself and cant wait till I'm fully healed and can start living my life and getting a job and running and playing with Connor, there is so much and I'm just so happy i was given this chance of a 2nd life with Connor and Matt.

that's the gist of it but i will update more as and when it comes back to me as the first week was a bit of a bluer to me as i was very sleepy and not really with it much.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Not A Good Week.

Not a good week at all, i started i.v's on Wednesday 20th April but got to do them all at home so didn't need a stay in hospital.
I'm feeling a little better so that's a good thing but i have a dry cough now that's driving me mad!

My great auntie Pat passed away on Saturday after a hard battle with cancer, she hadn't been well before they found the cancer. we are all very upset, my mum and nan cried so much :( but she is not in pain now so that's the main thing.