Friday, 31 October 2008

One Step For Man Kind....

Connor is walking!!!!!

Wow, i am so happy he has taken his 1st steps on his own.
He took his 1st on Monday and now he can walk across our living room (mind you our living room isn't big lol) he is very uneasy on his feet still but it can only get batter now!
With him walking it will help me so much as i wont have to carry him to the car or around the house if i want him to go in another room with me.
He is also understanding lots of words, he knows what to do when i tell him he to close to the TV and he needs to sit down, he knows what you mean when you ask where his dummy is, he will go and get it and so many more :D

I'm going on some i.v's on Wednesday 5th, its not because I'm unwell or anything its just that i have a cough (hung around after my cold left!) that wont seem to go and i don't want it to turn in to anything around my birthday/Xmas/new year.
I'll be on home i.v's (already talked to my Dr about them) so at least i wont have to go in, not that they have any beds anyway lol yay
Don't know what my LF at the moment, will find out on Wednesday but i do know my weight as i went to liver clinic yesterday (all is well by the way) and i was 52kg!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH??? yes I'm wonder my size 8 jeans are getting to small for me lol

Bond...James Bond.... that's right I'm going to see the new James bond film on Saturday night so should be good, cant wait....hmmm he is very nice :P

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Toria xxxx

Toria Crossland
13/02/1985 - 22/10/2008.
Words can not say how upset i feel or how lost i feel to have lost Toria, we had not been talking long but i had been a fan of her blogs for months.
She was such a fighter and was so full of spirit!
She loved her boyfriend Luke so much and her baby boy Edward who was only 10 months old.
Edward wont remember Toria as she is to young but i don't doubt for a min that Luke will ever let him for get the best mummy in the world.
Toria you really are an angel and I'm just sorry that we never got to meet.
Love to you d your little family.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Back To Normal.

The 1st time Connor sat up on his own.
Connor looking so cute.
Hmm not sure if he likes it.
Tobias in a bag.

Well as the title Say's Connor is back to normal.

He woke up today at around 8am and wasn't hot so i didn't give him Nurofen or Calpol, he was still a bit sleepy but ok.

He had his milk then nicked some of my crisps i was eating and since then he hasn't stopped playing and laughing! he has come up in some spots all over his belly, back and face but i dont think its anything to worry about, but i will keep my eye on it. he keeps laying on the floor and looking up at the light and laughing....whats that all about?

I have ordered some (6) calenders for people for x-mas and one for me! they didn't cost that much as they were buy one get one free at Tesco Photo's Online. I got 2 A3 size ones (one for me and one for my mum) and 4 A4 size ones (for Matt's mum, one for my nan my other nan and Cathy and grandad).

Me and Matt had our flu jabs on Saturday and my arm has only just stopped hurting lol, I'm such a baby with things like that, I'm fine with the huge needle they put in my port every month but come near me with a flu jab and you wont see me for dust!

Matt is at work today and then at college tonight so i have a nice night in on my own, TV is all mine! YAY! and that means no Xbox 360!!!!

*I added some photo's that i found that were off Matt's phone*

Monday, 13 October 2008

All Fun And Game's.

Connor and mummy on the slide.
Don't ask coz i don't know lol.
Grandad and Connor playing peek-a-boo!
Connor asleep on the floor.
Connor on the swings.
Connor not so happy after a bit.
Daddy and Connor on the slide.
This week we have mostly been having fun and games, we have been to the park and have been playing peek-a-boo alot.
Connor has started to do things over and over again, he likes to say "it's all gone" by putting his hands up when we say it.
He also puts its hand over his mouth when we say "Oh no!" lol its so cute :)
He claps, waves and dancers as well! now all we need is for him to start and walk! he can walk along the sofa but not yet alone....hmmm.
Connor hasn't been to well over the last few days, Saturday he woke up with a high temp and was very sleepy and doppey and didn't eat anything but was drinking his milk, Sunday he woke up the same and didn't eat anything again, then today Monday, he woke up hot again but once he had had some nurofen he felt better and spent the rest of the day sleeping on the floor and playing with some of his toy's but he is very clingy and will only come to me and it is very tiring but I'm doing ok and am keeping up with all my meds (well most, nebs keep getting missed)
Toria is still the same really so its still a waiting game and we just have to keep our fingers crossed for her and her family.

Monday, 6 October 2008


This Post is for Toria,
Toria has CF like me and also a little boy called Edward who is 9 months old, Toria is very unwell in ICU (i think) and i don't know what she will get home again...I'm not even sure what to put here but that she and Luke (Toria's BF and Edward's dad) and Edward are in my heart and i have been thinking about her every day praying that she will pull thur and over come this.
My good friend Charlotte is in bits at the moment worrying about Toria and I'm not sure what i can do or say to help, i just feel a bit out of place not knowing what to say to her. i cant say anything to make the pain go away.

I got very upset looking at Toria's photo's on facebook the other day, it was all very sad.

I know Toria has to pull thur and will get over this, i just know it because in her blog she is so strong and so full of life!

Thinking of you Toria! xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 2 October 2008

My Little Man.

Connor with his ball in black and white!

I like this one of Connor in black and white.

Nice one of Connor's long hair.

Connor and Daddy at Tumble Tot's.

Connor on the beam.

Connor at the pub.

And Connor in his new PJ's.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Xbox and Work.

Well i have been kicked out of the living room and Matt has picked his Xbox 306 over me! well not really lol i left as i was so sick and tired of sitting there with that damm thing on. Grrr...
Anyway i feel really happy up here, I'm tucked up in bed with the lap top on my lap (nice and warm) my TV is on, i have my feed on (i do it before bed) and i have a cold glass of coke, heaven!

Matt has gone back to work 16 hours a week now as I'm alot better and I'm staying home alot more (been out since 24th July) and he is going to do that for about 6 months and then we will see what we do next then.
So far it has been alright, im enjoying time with connor on my own, i get alot of the house clean and it stays clean (well at least till Matt gets home that is lol) and i get dinner done for when he comes home.
now i know its not much but for me doing all that and looking after Connor on my own for 2 days a week, its a big thing, sooo big!
im very proud of myself.

Connor has about 7 teeth!!! i know, where did they all come from.
he also loves to say "wow wow", its so cute.

I'm very tired now that I'm in bed so I'm going to log off and will blog again soon.