Monday, 13 October 2008

All Fun And Game's.

Connor and mummy on the slide.
Don't ask coz i don't know lol.
Grandad and Connor playing peek-a-boo!
Connor asleep on the floor.
Connor on the swings.
Connor not so happy after a bit.
Daddy and Connor on the slide.
This week we have mostly been having fun and games, we have been to the park and have been playing peek-a-boo alot.
Connor has started to do things over and over again, he likes to say "it's all gone" by putting his hands up when we say it.
He also puts its hand over his mouth when we say "Oh no!" lol its so cute :)
He claps, waves and dancers as well! now all we need is for him to start and walk! he can walk along the sofa but not yet alone....hmmm.
Connor hasn't been to well over the last few days, Saturday he woke up with a high temp and was very sleepy and doppey and didn't eat anything but was drinking his milk, Sunday he woke up the same and didn't eat anything again, then today Monday, he woke up hot again but once he had had some nurofen he felt better and spent the rest of the day sleeping on the floor and playing with some of his toy's but he is very clingy and will only come to me and it is very tiring but I'm doing ok and am keeping up with all my meds (well most, nebs keep getting missed)
Toria is still the same really so its still a waiting game and we just have to keep our fingers crossed for her and her family.

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