Saturday, 2 July 2011


What a last few months we have had, i don't even know where i should start.
first things first i got my new lungs, and there very nice new lungs as it goes too, i got the call at 5.30am on Monday the 23rd may 2011 and went up with my mum in the ambulance and Matt and my dad followed up in my dads car, Matt's mum and dad came over to look after Connor.
when we gott there i had bloods taken and was taken to the ward i would be going on when i came out of ITC after the op, after the new lungs were all given a good once over and given the all clear i was taken down to start me new life at around 12.15ish. i shade a few tears as i said my see you soons to Matt, mum and dad and then woke up to hear people taking and felt tubes being taken out of my mouth and nose and then after a bit i could open my eyes and see my mum and Matt and i think my dad was there too...i found out it was around 10.30am on the Tuesday so had been out for nearly a whole day but it only seemed like i had close my eyes for a few mins.
i had four chest drains in, two at the front and one either of my sides and a big dressing down my chest from my collar bone area to just above my feeding button. i don't think i was really in any pain that i can think of at that time but i was being sick once i started to eat or drink anything so on the second day (Wednesday) they stopped my morphine and just had me on iv paracetamol and tramadol, also on the Wednesday they took out the two front drains and then the next two the day after that.
i was doing well but as it sounded like i had some gunk stuck i was given a bronch on the Friday and felt much better and not gunky after that and then was taking to the post op ward on the Saturday were i stayed for nearly two weeks and then was sent home! i was in hospital altogether for 17 days, i was told i would be in hospital for around a month so i was very happy that i was doing so well that i could be sent home after such a short stay. i must have been doing very well indeed.

since then I'm getting stronger and stronger and have been back in hospital for another bronch at 3 weeks and now I'm back in as my LF has dropped but apart from that everything else is great so there not to sure whats going on but to be on the safe side they have got me in again to have 3 days of iv 500mg steroids and a bronch at the end to rule out any rejection.

apart from this little blip I'm doing so well and I'm so proud of myself and cant wait till I'm fully healed and can start living my life and getting a job and running and playing with Connor, there is so much and I'm just so happy i was given this chance of a 2nd life with Connor and Matt.

that's the gist of it but i will update more as and when it comes back to me as the first week was a bit of a bluer to me as i was very sleepy and not really with it much.