Friday, 12 June 2009

New Moon

I got a new book yesterday after hearing how good it was from Jo and Gemma.
It's called New Moon and its the 2nd book of 4 from the Twilight saga, its really good so far. I saw the film Twilight so didn't get that book to read (altho gemma said i should of lol)
i bet i read it within a week or 2!

Connor's room is nearly done now just got to paint it so we will be doing that at the weekend, i cant wait till its all done and is a big boy's room :)

Life has been a bit busy the last week or so. My scare has just about healed from having my button taken out, that was a long 2 months lol
I have done my back in too, i woke up the other morning and was fine but then i had a coughing fit and my back just clicked and that was it! Matt had to have a day off work to help look after Connor as i couldn't bend or much of anything else.

I have got Matt's stuff for fathers day all ready and wrapped and Connor left his mark on the card lol i got Matt a t-shirt from gap and some joop as his other bottle ran out, with the joop he got a free lap-top case so that's cool, I'm sure he will like it, just have to get a lap-top for himself lol

I have asked for a ipod nano for x-mas or my birthday and a long pair of ugg's (i got a short pair last year) and some skinny jeans....i know its not for ages yet but he can start and save now haha

I have been doing the wii fit for the last week and on the weight bit i have put on 2 lb!!! grrr i don't want to put any more weight on as its all going to my belly, and also my wii fit age was 23 2 months ago and now its 27!!! come on lol
It really makes me cough though so that's really good and i feel its helping with my LF (well it better be!)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Non Stop!

Once again I'm very late in blogging!
I really don't know where the time goes, I'm always busy, that or I'm resting and cant be bothered to blog.

Right well Lot's have happened this last month, some good and some bad.

Connor's big boy bed came and now were just waiting for the mattress to come, he has a bed side table coming too but that is taking 11 weeks to come! joke!
I have picked what paint i want in his room, a willow tree (light/mint green) for one wall and a cream for the others and i got some of them tester pots in it so they look good.

I want to get him room done now, its been like 2 weekends now doing it, we have got all the wall paper off now and have filled in all the cracks (there was lots!) and then next weekend Matt will be sanding it all down (I'm not doing it coz of my CF) and then we can start and paint! and then once all that is done my mate Laura is coming down and she is going to put all Connors big Dino wall stickers up as I'm so rubbish at stuff like that but she makes everything look nice, her son's room looks like its out of one of them kids Mag's! she is very good at that stuff.

So we have been doing that these past few weekends.

Other things that have been going on is Charlie from papworth getting her lung transplant after only 2 days on the waiting list! i mean come on how good is that. she is doing well from what i hear, i talked to her the other day on MSN and she was good, couldn't get over how fast it as all happened tho :)

Sad news is that Ed from papworth has passed away :( he was one of the oldies (in his 30's) and every one loved him, he always made people laugh and was great......very great and I'm very sad he isn't here now. he was one of the 1st people to talk to me when i moved up to papworth.
And what makes it so much harder is that he got his call last June and got new lungs.
R.I.P Ed xx