Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I feel so lost

Jo was such a good friend and i loved her look on life, even tho she was having a hard time she still helped people that should could and talked about what she would do when she got her new lungs.

That never happened for Jo, sadly she passed away on 24th Nov at 5.30am.

Everyone is upset and will miss her so much, she was such a laugh talking about true blood and twilight and CAKE! it makes me smile to think of her talking about how much cake she had eaten.

She said on Sunday night that she wouldn't go to see the new twilight movie new moon and that she would wait for the DVD, Jo didn't get to see it and i know she would have loved it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dont Worry Im Still Here!!

Well i don't know what to say...i have really let things slide with this blog! i guess nothing has been going on that i think people would want to know lol

I have been in hospital and back on I.V's as my LF was back down and after a week was down even more! so i have 3 days left then I'm off them so I'm looking forward to see what they are after 2 weeks of i.v's.

My weight is down too, i have lost around 7kg in 3 months so isn't good, it went down to 49.2kg when i started I.V's but after 7 days it was at 50.1kg so that's good, i think that is coz i have been eating more now and also maybe coz i have been but on insulin 4 times a day :( but if it helps i'll do it. altho i might add i have missed a few with forgetting or being out and forgot to put the pen in my bag, saying that i have miss 2 lots of I.V's this time for being out and forgetting to take them with me so maybe my LF wont be back up!

X-mas is just about here! I love it around this time of year as everyone is in a good mood and i love buying people gifts :D so far i have most of what i have to get.

I need to buy Connor's main present still and few bits here and there for people as i have got everyone either one main present or 2 little ones to make the same money up as everyone else.

I cant wait to put my tree up, only another month left :D We always put our tree up on my birthday, 11th Dec and i still do this even tho i don't live at home now.

For my birthday we are (me, Matt, Connor and Matt's mum) are going to that new shopping center in London, i cant wait I'm going to get some long black UGG boots and some skinny jeans.

The day after we have to go out for Matt's nan and grandad's 50th annavery (SP) meal thing so that will be nice, i have seen a lovely dress in Jane Norman that i want to get but cant try it on yet as my port has the needle in for my I.V's so have to wait till next week. If i got it i would need some nice shoes to go with it too...i don't have any lol i live in trainers and don't really go out out to post places to it will be nice to get something nice for a change. This is the dress anyway....

Connor has started going to play-school for around a month or 2 now and loves it :) he goes two morning as week for 3 hours so i get some rest and get to clean up without him messing it up after me! the joys of a child, he is coming along with his words and can say around 30+ so he is getting better and is starting to put 2 together like he was in the bath a few days ago and when the water was draining away he was saying "bye-bye bubbles" it was so sweet he was waving to them and everything!

I'm going to see the new twilight movie when it comes out next week :D its called "new moon" I'm sure you all know what its about...if not read the book lol

I have to go sort Connor out now so this will have to be the end of this blog for now but i will re-start to update it alot more.