Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I feel so lost

Jo was such a good friend and i loved her look on life, even tho she was having a hard time she still helped people that should could and talked about what she would do when she got her new lungs.

That never happened for Jo, sadly she passed away on 24th Nov at 5.30am.

Everyone is upset and will miss her so much, she was such a laugh talking about true blood and twilight and CAKE! it makes me smile to think of her talking about how much cake she had eaten.

She said on Sunday night that she wouldn't go to see the new twilight movie new moon and that she would wait for the DVD, Jo didn't get to see it and i know she would have loved it.


Tori said...

She's watching it on a massive screen in heaven honey xx

Gemma said...

dont worry Chantelle, in heaven you can watch whatever you want when you want. It is heaven afterall and its got to be better than down here right?!
I'm seeing new moon tomorrow night, then we can talk about it :o)

anon said...

I'm gutted that Jo has gone. I knew her since we was 3 years old and went to the same schools. But she is happy where she is watching everyone. Jo pushed alot of people away over the last year & the only people she really spoke to was people with CF & her family, but those of us who knew Jo let her do what she had to do but we're still here and her memory lives on forever. That's what friends are for. I'm reading all her blogs again and even though we knew each other for so many years I realise I never knew CF - and doubt I'll ever understand what you all go through. I know I'll always sign up for being a donor now and I'll do it without realising just because it is the right thing to do.
Miss you forever Jo and wish you came back to your close friends to say goodbye first because we never got to say goodbye x