Sunday, 21 March 2010

Blog From Room 2

All my blog seemed to be is about me being ill these last few months lol

I came back in hospital on Friday for some i.v's and was meant to be going on on the Saturday, that's didn't go to plan when i had another turn on the i.v's, this time it was from Mero i.v. as gemma's words....evil i.v
so i got a temp over 40 and was so cold i couldn't stop shacking, they stripped me down and pulled my cover off and even put the air con on to cool me down! i wasn't happy at all as i was so cold to start with but they said if i didn't cool down then i could have a fit.

So i should be starting to have more i.v's on Monday and then they want to keep me till Wednesday to make sure everything is ok then i can go home and do the rest of the i.v's at home.

My friend Victoria had her 8th false call for a TX last night so that was really upsetting for me coz i just want her to get that new life so much, she is so strong and never shows that it has upset her or anything. it will be this has to be.

9 weeks and 5 days till I'm a MRS! not long, there is so much i still need to do that we haven't sorted yet coz I'm not feeling gr8 but once I'm out of here i will get alot more done.

Connor came to see me today in hospital and we went out for lunch (with Matt, mum and dad too) i wont get to see him now till I'm home as he has pre-school on Mondays and Wednesday. i don't mind to much coz i know he don't like it here and gets bored easy so its not fair to keep him up here just for me.

When we came up here there was a note saying that we cant have flowers on the ward anymore :( Matt laughed and said it got him out of buying me them now! not that he did much before!

The new rooms are really nice, i'll have to get some photos before i leave. the toilet light just comes on when you open the door i love it! its all big and open, its gr8.

Going to go now but will blog again with what the next lot of i.v's are.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Being Unwell Isnt Any Fun With A Toddler!

I'm ill

Its not fun to start with and even less with Connor, even tho he don't mean anything by messing around and banging it really isn't helping.
Yesterday Matt's mum had to come down and help out, i got a 2 hour nap out of it!
And today my mum has been down helping out altho she has gone home for an hour to put some washing on and should be back any min so i can have a bath as me and Matt and some friends are ment to be going out for a meal tonight for Matt's 25th birthday to moz but I'm really not feeling up to it but don't want to let him down as we don't get to go out much as we have Connor so i said i will come but if i don't feel well while were out we'll have to go home.

I think i have said before that i got Matt a long weekend away at center parcs this weekend from Friday to Monday, i really wanted to be well and have a good time...we'll have to see how that goes when i get back and blog about it.

I'm going back in hospital next Wednesday and I'm kinda looking forward to it (is that wrong?) as they have just re-opened the CF ward! they have been working on it since oct last year so it should be good. My friend who used to work at papworth told me she had a look at the ward before she left and said the TV are really big!

Connor is putting stuff out the cat flat....tut!

I'm having my nails done on Monday after we get back from center parcs, it will be the 1st time i have had them done in about 2 years. I'm getting them done for the wedding but want to get used to them again so having them done now. I'm also not having them done very long as i don't want them to look fake.

We have got a few more bits done for the wedding, the DJ is booked, picked what cake we want but cant order it till end of April as its from M&S, got the suits hired, booked a guy to do the photos and when I'm out of hospital or off i.v's I'm going to get the bridesmaids dresses and sort my hair and make-up and flowers but i may do them to moz while Connor is at school if i feel up to it.

Everyone keep saying i have to have a hen night, they wont drop it! I'm not sure i want one and if i did i wouldn't really want to do much as after looking after Connor all day I'm really tired so there is no way i would want to go clubbing or anything like that.
My mum said it might be coz I'm not feeling to well at the mo so i said i'll see how i feel once i have had some i.v's and then if i want a hen night we can sort something out.

I made a milkshake didn't really turn out right lol so I'm going to have to look up how i make a thick one as I'm not in to thin ones.
I even put in a shot of that calgin (spelling) stuff that i got from the hospital to help with my weight but didn't end up drinking so that was a waste.

I was put on a new pill by my GP last Monday night so started taking it on the Tuesday and but the Thursday i was ill, feeling sick, tired, bad back ache and a few other things I'm not sure anyone really wants to know about! so i didn't take it yesterday or today and today I'm feeling alot better then i have been for the last few day so I'm happy about that the only down side is that i'll be on for our stay at center parcs grrr but I'm feeling better so that's the main thing.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

S Is For Stress!

Don't get married if you know whats good for you!
oh my god i keep getting so stressed out, if its not over one thing its over another, family's fighting me and Matt both sticking up for our sides and our parents adding people to the list to invite who we don't know......ARRRR!

I'm not even having a hen do because i just cant be bothered with it all, i don't really drink so don't want to go clubbing, do like spa days and all that cr*p, don't like pub crawls so that's a no and i hate all these hen do bits like 'L' plates and devil horns and stuff.
The only think i would prob do is go out for a meal and even then it wouldn't be very many people coz then it would turn in to that hen night everyone else has......and i wouldn't ever have a stripper!
But then again i might change my mind.....

Matt is going to London for his stag do, its all he has talked about, he don't care really about the wedding and hasn't done anything at all for it really its just all about his stag do, he is on the phone to his mates every day about it, grrr why do men have it so easy? i just wish he put as much in to the wedding as he is with the flipping stag do.

On another note i went to papworth yesterday after being off i.v's for 4 weeks and my weight is the same so that's some good news but my LF has dropped 7% from 44% to 37%! I'm really not happy about this as i have been working so hard to do all my pill and nebs and phyiso and it looks like its just for nothing, it feels like i have just been wasting my time.
The Dr didn't seem to bothered about it and said because i feel well in myself and are not really breathless that maybe it isn't a true % and that if I'm really not happy about it that i can come back in 2 weeks and see what its like then and if its the same or lower i can have some i.v's.
I would feel alot better having some just to get my LF back up and then maybe it will stay up now were getting out of the cold months and closer to summer!
Also if i start them on the 17th march i will be done by the last day of the month and then have April free and then I'm booked in to have some i.v's 3 weeks before the wedding so that I'm in tip top shape for it.

Also want to say a big get well soon to my friend Vic who is in hospital on her 4th week of i.v's, keep your chin up hun xxx