Sunday, 21 March 2010

Blog From Room 2

All my blog seemed to be is about me being ill these last few months lol

I came back in hospital on Friday for some i.v's and was meant to be going on on the Saturday, that's didn't go to plan when i had another turn on the i.v's, this time it was from Mero i.v. as gemma's words....evil i.v
so i got a temp over 40 and was so cold i couldn't stop shacking, they stripped me down and pulled my cover off and even put the air con on to cool me down! i wasn't happy at all as i was so cold to start with but they said if i didn't cool down then i could have a fit.

So i should be starting to have more i.v's on Monday and then they want to keep me till Wednesday to make sure everything is ok then i can go home and do the rest of the i.v's at home.

My friend Victoria had her 8th false call for a TX last night so that was really upsetting for me coz i just want her to get that new life so much, she is so strong and never shows that it has upset her or anything. it will be this has to be.

9 weeks and 5 days till I'm a MRS! not long, there is so much i still need to do that we haven't sorted yet coz I'm not feeling gr8 but once I'm out of here i will get alot more done.

Connor came to see me today in hospital and we went out for lunch (with Matt, mum and dad too) i wont get to see him now till I'm home as he has pre-school on Mondays and Wednesday. i don't mind to much coz i know he don't like it here and gets bored easy so its not fair to keep him up here just for me.

When we came up here there was a note saying that we cant have flowers on the ward anymore :( Matt laughed and said it got him out of buying me them now! not that he did much before!

The new rooms are really nice, i'll have to get some photos before i leave. the toilet light just comes on when you open the door i love it! its all big and open, its gr8.

Going to go now but will blog again with what the next lot of i.v's are.

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