Monday, 15 December 2008

Hospital, Birthday and X-mas Tree

Me not knowing Matt had taken a photo!
Connor eating his dinner

Connor looking at the tree

Connor running

Our tree, and the cone trees on the window!

I had my hospital app on Wednesday, i did my blows and as i had a chesty cough i didn't think they would be that good, i was thinking they would have gone down if anything but when i did them i was so happy with them. after my i.v's 4 weeks ago they were at 42% and on the 10th they were at 46%!!!! my weight didn't go up, that was down but only by 0.4kg so nothing really so i was happy with that, and that was with doing my feeds only 1-2 nights a week!
I didn't have my port flushed as i forgot :s

I did have my peg changed for the 1st time, i really didn't know what was going to happen as i was out of it when they put it in, anyway i had to wait like an hour for my nurse to come and do it as there was only 3 people in my hospital that could do it.

when she pulled it out it had all this brown still on the end (bit from my belly) and it didn't look nice at all! and it hurt when she pulled it out, she said it was coz there was little rigged bits on it to stop it from falling out when the ball has burst, it didn't hurt to much when she put the new one back in so that was ok, don't have to be done again for another 6 months.

It was my birthday on Thursday and i got lots of money and that was about it....not really much to say about it, i didn't go anywhere for it or do anything think for it....I'm just another year older now.

We put up our X-mas tree at the weekend, it looks good i think and Connor likes it so i think its ok, I'm going to get alot more bits for it in the Jan sales for next year, i already buy x-mas cards and wrapping paper in the sales anyway as it save alot of money. i wont have to buy any wrapping paper this time as i have lots left from this year...i have about 6 rolls left lol

Anyway back to the tree it is dark green but at night looks black, its a 6 foot one but its not to wide so its just right i think, i have done it all silver, black, white and like a gray silver colour this year but might gets a diff colour for next year...will see what they have left 1st, i also have an angel at the top of the tree and not a star, we always had an angel on ours at home when i was little so i didn't want to change.

I have a few other x-mas bits around the house, one of them 7 light candle things that is in my living room window and a black glitter cone tree and a silver cone tree on the window too, they look really nice but as i say they are very glittery as Connor found out lol.

I have done all my cards and shopping so now i can rest until x-mas now, where going to my mum's x-mas morning and staying for lunch and then we have to go round to Matt's mum's for x-mas afternoon. i would like to just sit with the TV on and rest but we have to go

(they don't have TV on, they play games and open there gifts at 5pm!! where is the fun in that?)

I cant wait until we get our new TV in the new year, it will look really nice, its been hard work saving for it but will be worth it. next on the list is the bathroom so we will start saving for that after the new year.

Connor is 17 months old on boxing day!! nearly a year and a half already!!! time flys all right.

He wont stop playing with the DVD playing, he opens the little draw you put your DVD on and he pulls it up and down! one of these days he will pull it off!

Anyway I'm not sure i will blog again before x-mas so i will say this now,


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Really Bad At This...

I'm so bad at keeping you guys updated to what I'm up to!
Anyway not really much has happened really since the last post...this may be a short one!! lol

I'm going shopping with my mum to moz so that will be cool, not got to long left to buy stuff as Xmas is only 20 days away.

we have got 250 pound so far for our new HD TV in the Jan sales and its all from selling Connors old stuff on eBay or things we don't use or have never liked, my mum is giving us 150 for Xmas and Matt's nan is giving us 100 so we will have 550 so we can get a really nice one.
then we will be saving for either :

A) a king size bed

B) a new bathroom

C) taking the chimney out that's making our living room smaller.

So i think by this time next year we will have got another one sorted.

Its my birthday soon so I'm happy about that but not happy in a way as Matt hasn't got any money to buy me anything :(
oh well last year i only got some PJ's off him, he isn't good at giving things at all really.

i might be having more i.v's b4 Xmas but not sure yet, i will tel you know.