Thursday, 4 December 2008

Really Bad At This...

I'm so bad at keeping you guys updated to what I'm up to!
Anyway not really much has happened really since the last post...this may be a short one!! lol

I'm going shopping with my mum to moz so that will be cool, not got to long left to buy stuff as Xmas is only 20 days away.

we have got 250 pound so far for our new HD TV in the Jan sales and its all from selling Connors old stuff on eBay or things we don't use or have never liked, my mum is giving us 150 for Xmas and Matt's nan is giving us 100 so we will have 550 so we can get a really nice one.
then we will be saving for either :

A) a king size bed

B) a new bathroom

C) taking the chimney out that's making our living room smaller.

So i think by this time next year we will have got another one sorted.

Its my birthday soon so I'm happy about that but not happy in a way as Matt hasn't got any money to buy me anything :(
oh well last year i only got some PJ's off him, he isn't good at giving things at all really.

i might be having more i.v's b4 Xmas but not sure yet, i will tel you know.

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