Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dec 2009

Well my birthday is all over with now, don't you find its like that? I wait all year for my birthday and the days leading up to it seem to drag and then on the day it all fly's by so fast that it seems like any other day?

We went up to the Westfiled center in London for my birthday and it was really good, it was really big and we didn't get to walk around it all as we didn't have enough time.
We left home just before 9am and got there at about 11 ish and once we had eaten lunch it was like 1pm or something and we had to leave at about 4pm to make it home to put Connor to bed.
They had a few shops that you had to line up for outside like you was waiting to get in to a club or something and they were letting like 1 or 2 people in at a time! seemed very odd and over the top for me, we didn't go in any of them but i was a bit angry as i wanted to go to the Ugg store there to get some stuff for my new boots so they wouldn't get dirty but i wasn't lining up for 20 mins for it.
They also had a place called the village that had all the shops like Prada and D & G and in the middle they had a little cafe/bar thing that was selling champagne for £10 a glass! i wanted to have one but there wasn't any seats left so we didn't in the end.

What is with the weather! SNOW!!! and not just normal snow that we get that melts the next day or so, this snow has been here around 5 days so far! and it looks like we will have it for xmas day too. I should have put a bet on.
Connor loves it when Matt is making snow balls and then throwing them at the window, he laughs so much. he will be sad when it has all gone and we haven't even made a snow man yet...must do that at some point.

I think all my xmas shopping is done now, i have a few bits i still need to wrap (may do them later) and still need to send cards but i think that's not going to happen now. i did all my cards at the end of Nov but i don't know where i put them, some where for safe keeping and now cant find them so cant send them! if you got a card from me then your lucky this year!!!

I'm back on I.V's at the moment, been on them a week today, I'm not sure what my LF was last week as i didn't end up doing my blows but i did them yesterday and they were at 28%.........least to say I'm not happy! i don't know what has happened with my lungs these last 6 months, it feels like they have given up the fight in a way.
I might have to have 3 or 4 weeks of these ones to see if they help. i need to get my weight back on as well so i have asked about NG feeding for after xmas, i need to do something before it gets bad again and I'm really ill. my weight is at 47.9kg but was at 56kg in the summer! so lost lots. I'm also on some steroids too but there making my BM's high so I'm having to do more insulin and coz of that i think I'm losing more weight.
They said we'll see how my LF is over the next few weeks and if it wont go back up then we will have to talk things over and see what were going to do next.
I cant seem to win at the moment.

I cant remember if i said bout me booking up a Holiday at center parcs for Matt's birthday next year? its in march and will be our 1st Holiday together! never felt the need to go before and we always had other things we needed to buy or pay for before having a Holiday like car's/flat/bills/Connor. I cant wait, its going to be good.
Matt knows about it now and is really happy.

Anyway I'm not to sure what else to put....will post again after xmas and with some photos too.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I feel so lost

Jo was such a good friend and i loved her look on life, even tho she was having a hard time she still helped people that should could and talked about what she would do when she got her new lungs.

That never happened for Jo, sadly she passed away on 24th Nov at 5.30am.

Everyone is upset and will miss her so much, she was such a laugh talking about true blood and twilight and CAKE! it makes me smile to think of her talking about how much cake she had eaten.

She said on Sunday night that she wouldn't go to see the new twilight movie new moon and that she would wait for the DVD, Jo didn't get to see it and i know she would have loved it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dont Worry Im Still Here!!

Well i don't know what to say...i have really let things slide with this blog! i guess nothing has been going on that i think people would want to know lol

I have been in hospital and back on I.V's as my LF was back down and after a week was down even more! so i have 3 days left then I'm off them so I'm looking forward to see what they are after 2 weeks of i.v's.

My weight is down too, i have lost around 7kg in 3 months so isn't good, it went down to 49.2kg when i started I.V's but after 7 days it was at 50.1kg so that's good, i think that is coz i have been eating more now and also maybe coz i have been but on insulin 4 times a day :( but if it helps i'll do it. altho i might add i have missed a few with forgetting or being out and forgot to put the pen in my bag, saying that i have miss 2 lots of I.V's this time for being out and forgetting to take them with me so maybe my LF wont be back up!

X-mas is just about here! I love it around this time of year as everyone is in a good mood and i love buying people gifts :D so far i have most of what i have to get.

I need to buy Connor's main present still and few bits here and there for people as i have got everyone either one main present or 2 little ones to make the same money up as everyone else.

I cant wait to put my tree up, only another month left :D We always put our tree up on my birthday, 11th Dec and i still do this even tho i don't live at home now.

For my birthday we are (me, Matt, Connor and Matt's mum) are going to that new shopping center in London, i cant wait I'm going to get some long black UGG boots and some skinny jeans.

The day after we have to go out for Matt's nan and grandad's 50th annavery (SP) meal thing so that will be nice, i have seen a lovely dress in Jane Norman that i want to get but cant try it on yet as my port has the needle in for my I.V's so have to wait till next week. If i got it i would need some nice shoes to go with it too...i don't have any lol i live in trainers and don't really go out out to post places to it will be nice to get something nice for a change. This is the dress anyway....

Connor has started going to play-school for around a month or 2 now and loves it :) he goes two morning as week for 3 hours so i get some rest and get to clean up without him messing it up after me! the joys of a child, he is coming along with his words and can say around 30+ so he is getting better and is starting to put 2 together like he was in the bath a few days ago and when the water was draining away he was saying "bye-bye bubbles" it was so sweet he was waving to them and everything!

I'm going to see the new twilight movie when it comes out next week :D its called "new moon" I'm sure you all know what its about...if not read the book lol

I have to go sort Connor out now so this will have to be the end of this blog for now but i will re-start to update it alot more.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back On i.v's

Had my annual review ( CF M.O.T) yesterday, it was such a long day and was made longer by having Connor there i think,
We set off at 7am to get there for 8am and had all the tests done and left at 4.15pm and got home at around 5.20pm so very long day with a 2 year old sat in one room for most of the day and it was so hot too.

My lungs are not being very nice to me this summer, my last LF was at 45% and that was 6 weeks ago and yesterday my LF was at 36%!!! so you can guess I'm not to happy about that at all...i had all the diff lung tests done yesterday and when the lady who did the tested showed me them as i waited for another test my LF was 39% on test that i had to blow and hold my breath for 8 sec and them breath out again but as that was not the normal one for my LF to be done on she had to take my LF off the normal test i do every 6 weeks so it is at 39% but there not looking at that...if you understand me lol I'm not sure if i have said that all right :D

My weight is down a bit at 54.4kg but I'm happy with it there so there wasn't much said about that, i said as long as it don't drop under 52kg then I'm happy.
They said it could have gone down to my chest not being right at the mo.

I have to really get back in to doing my nebs as this last week have really gone out the window!

Matt said he wants us to get wed in around 2 years! gives us time to save lol he wants his car 1st and wont use the money he has saved for the wedding lol, men!
So I'm going to have a look online at wedding stuff today just to get me thinking about what i would like, that kind of thing.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Been Well Busy

Well where do i start.....(i should really update more then i do) our back garden is now done (ish) the decking is all done and we have put some top soil down too and put some grass seeds down.
need to get some wood chips to put down the side of the decking and then i can put some pot plants on top of it.

*photo's to follow*

My dad put a path down for us and my brother put us a out door tap on and we got a hose pipe for it so we can grow the grass seed and wash the car, he also put up my new washing line.

Only need to do a few more bits in the garden now.

I have been feeling ill since Friday last week and on Saturday i spent 3 hours having a nap, Matt woke me up with Connor asking if he could leave Connor in the bedroom with me coz he was messing stuff up as Matt was cleaning....Grrrr.....i got up after that. men. I have my M.O.T to moz up the hospital so I'm going to ask for some i.v's at the same time just to get rid of this cough.

Some people next door but one to us was broken in to last night, they took things like handbag and car keys, stuff like that but they didn't take there car so i guess that's a good thing. have to make sure we double lock all the door's and windows at night from now on, we normally do anyway but def cant forget.
I think they broke in to there house as they have been away for a week and only got back on Saturday so maybe they thought they were still away.
I normally wake up if a pin drops and normally wake up and go to the loo a few times in the night but i didn't wake up once last night....maybe it was me who did it with sleep walking lol

I think I'm going to clean up today and bin tons of stuff we don't use and just do a big spring clean, coz I'm in the mood and coz you cant get in our spare room for junk lol

Me and Matt have been talking and once he has got his car next year were going to save for our wedding :) will take up around 3-4 years i would think as we need around 6 grand :) :) :)

were going to get wed at a place called Leez Priory, if you google it you can see it :)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Connor is 2

Had a long last few week so not had time to breath let alone to blog!

Right well so far our garden has been started and the shed is gone now and the path next to it and so that is waiting for the decking being put down (should start that this weekend) and me and my brother have started pulling all the old flowers and plants up because i don't like any of them and want to start a new with all stuff that i pick out and also they were really over grown so we also have to re do the borders so there all the same size and look nice again.

I also have been up north at the weekend to see my nan and grandad as it was Connors 2nd birthday at the weekend and they haven't seen him in around 5 months as they live so far away (around 3 hour)
My aunt came back down with us and is staying at my mum and dads for a week and then my dad is driving her back up next week.

And it was Connors birthday at the weekend! he got so much stuff, mostly all Thomas and toy story stuff and a few bits for the garden like a sand pit and slide and he got a 16ft slip and slide!!! Matt has kinda nicked that one till Connor is older.
We had it up at the weekend and Matt was going down it and Connor even did, it was so funny as he was fully dressed because we didn't think he would go on it.

I feel pretty breathless at the mo and i think its to do with this new bug i have been growing for the last few months, i think its called aspergillus? (is that right ?? Gemma would know lol)
anyway i have not long had i.v's so I'm sure its this bug and not anything else.
I think i may be asking for some meds for it soon as i don't like the feeling, i get it most nights when i lay down in bed when i 1st go to bed and its not a nice feeling at all, like someone is sitting on my chest or something like that.

Got to cut this short as Connor needs changing lol the joys of motherhood!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Im So Fat! (well fat for me)

I hate my shape, now i have put weight on (and still putting it on might i add!) I'm such an odd shape and i hate it i really do, nothing fits any more and i cant seem to find any jeans that will fit my short, skinny legs and my big preg looking belly!!!!!!!!!
I'm not normally a vain person at all, i have my back and have had it for years now so i don't care about that now (but still don't like it) i just hate my belly, i have always been a size 6-8 and now size 10 jeans are getting to small! i mean come on CF!!!!!!! please give me a break, we have all this other stuff to put up with and now you give me this too.

What brings this on i hear you ask, well i don't have any crop jeans or cropped combats and i want some for the summer so have been looking for ages and couldn't find any, well i for 2 pairs great ones today, one of each too and i get them home (there a size 10 by the way) and i just cant do them up. i even nearly cried over it, how silly is that.
I now have to go back to moz and change them for a size 12 but i will try them on in the shop this time!

I also got Connor a green lamp for his bedroom too today and i like its great, it is nearly the same as his green wall in his bedroom so i like it but Matt thinks it looks like a old person lamp as its just a plan lamp.

I have lost my cable to charge my camera so i cant put any photos on my laptop and i cant take any more! its really making me angry coz it was here a few weeks ago but not now.

We also got a new bin today as our old one died.........it was one of them push top ones (2nd one we have had) and Connor bust it (like the 1st) so today we got a pedal one so i hope he will leave this one be, i tell him its not a game but he don't seem to care he just thinks its a new toy for him.

I'm off to bed now as Connor was up at 5am today with a messy nappy and then wouldn't go back to sleep but at least i was up and ready to take my i.v's on time lol

Friday, 3 July 2009

Bit Of A Worry.

Well matt came home from work last night and said that his days at work had been cut from 5 a week to 3 a week.
Its a bit of a worry to say the least, we just about get buy with what were on at the mo so taking a loss of £500 a month is really going to mess us up.
We have bills and credit cards and stuff to pay for and we already don't go out much and never for meals and only get a take a way once a month or so.
They have to wait till September at least before they find out if they go back to 5 days a week.
The council wont help with the rent as when Matt 1st went back to do last year he did 3 days a week and so was the same money and they wouldn't help then so I'm not holding my breath that they will help us out now but we will ring them to find out for sure, i might do that today, give them a bell I'm sure they will send out some paper work or something like that.

Connor has been in his single bed now for a week and he is doing so well, he cried the 1st 2 nights but after that he got right in bed and falls asleep on his own, I'm so proud of him.
He is growing up so fast!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Books, i.v's and everything else!

Connor's bedroom is all done now, only took a month! i have already started to rip the wallpaper off mine and Matt's bedroom but he says he is having a weekend off this week and will sand and paint next weekend so i have a week left to rip the rest of the wallpaper off at least.
I'm on i.v's at the moment, i come off them on Monday so not long at all. this last month has just flown by so fast that i don't know where i am lol

My LF was 37% when i started my i.v's and on Monday it was at 44% so that is great news at only a week in, hope it is up at 46% by Monday coming! my wight was 54.2kg when i started and on Monday it was at 56kg!!! i think that is wrong. they had moved them for a start as they were painting the LF room so i wonder if that has anything to do with it at all and I'm not sure its the normal one that i use so that too could make a diff and because when i got home and weighed myself mine said 55kg. we will see what they say on Monday coming.

Its Connors birthday in 3 weeks and 3 days!!!!! wow i cant get over the fact that my little baby is 2! he will be at school before i know it.
His new thing at the moment is Toy Story so we have got him a Buzz Light-Year for his birthday along with tons of other stuff....i may have gone a bit over the top but he is only 2 once right :D

I have been reading at lot this last month, read all 4 books from the Twilight saga and The Host book (Humans become hosts for these invaders, their minds taken over while their bodies remain intact and continue their lives apparently unchanged) and a book called Mummy Said The F Word! all very good books, i have ordered 2 more books from Amazon and they should be here in the new few days.

The old coal shed in our garden is getting pulled down on Monday so i cant wait for that to get started! i will take photos and put the up, along with some of Connors new room and ours and some of Connor himself! :D

Anyway i must get off as this hot weather is to hot to just sit about in. i need to find my fan....

* I have put some labels on this post...not sure i have done it right but we will see *

Friday, 12 June 2009

New Moon

I got a new book yesterday after hearing how good it was from Jo and Gemma.
It's called New Moon and its the 2nd book of 4 from the Twilight saga, its really good so far. I saw the film Twilight so didn't get that book to read (altho gemma said i should of lol)
i bet i read it within a week or 2!

Connor's room is nearly done now just got to paint it so we will be doing that at the weekend, i cant wait till its all done and is a big boy's room :)

Life has been a bit busy the last week or so. My scare has just about healed from having my button taken out, that was a long 2 months lol
I have done my back in too, i woke up the other morning and was fine but then i had a coughing fit and my back just clicked and that was it! Matt had to have a day off work to help look after Connor as i couldn't bend or much of anything else.

I have got Matt's stuff for fathers day all ready and wrapped and Connor left his mark on the card lol i got Matt a t-shirt from gap and some joop as his other bottle ran out, with the joop he got a free lap-top case so that's cool, I'm sure he will like it, just have to get a lap-top for himself lol

I have asked for a ipod nano for x-mas or my birthday and a long pair of ugg's (i got a short pair last year) and some skinny jeans....i know its not for ages yet but he can start and save now haha

I have been doing the wii fit for the last week and on the weight bit i have put on 2 lb!!! grrr i don't want to put any more weight on as its all going to my belly, and also my wii fit age was 23 2 months ago and now its 27!!! come on lol
It really makes me cough though so that's really good and i feel its helping with my LF (well it better be!)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Non Stop!

Once again I'm very late in blogging!
I really don't know where the time goes, I'm always busy, that or I'm resting and cant be bothered to blog.

Right well Lot's have happened this last month, some good and some bad.

Connor's big boy bed came and now were just waiting for the mattress to come, he has a bed side table coming too but that is taking 11 weeks to come! joke!
I have picked what paint i want in his room, a willow tree (light/mint green) for one wall and a cream for the others and i got some of them tester pots in it so they look good.

I want to get him room done now, its been like 2 weekends now doing it, we have got all the wall paper off now and have filled in all the cracks (there was lots!) and then next weekend Matt will be sanding it all down (I'm not doing it coz of my CF) and then we can start and paint! and then once all that is done my mate Laura is coming down and she is going to put all Connors big Dino wall stickers up as I'm so rubbish at stuff like that but she makes everything look nice, her son's room looks like its out of one of them kids Mag's! she is very good at that stuff.

So we have been doing that these past few weekends.

Other things that have been going on is Charlie from papworth getting her lung transplant after only 2 days on the waiting list! i mean come on how good is that. she is doing well from what i hear, i talked to her the other day on MSN and she was good, couldn't get over how fast it as all happened tho :)

Sad news is that Ed from papworth has passed away :( he was one of the oldies (in his 30's) and every one loved him, he always made people laugh and was great......very great and I'm very sad he isn't here now. he was one of the 1st people to talk to me when i moved up to papworth.
And what makes it so much harder is that he got his call last June and got new lungs.
R.I.P Ed xx

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Late Up-date

Well this is a very late up-date, I'm not even sure what i have been doing with my time to tell you the truth!
The sun has been out alot over the last few weeks so that's been nice, been out enjoying it with Connor, we have been to a farm and the park and to my friends house.
I have also been to the pic's to see that film ghost's of girlfriends past...it really wasn't that good tho, I'm not very happy about it but at least it didn't cost me anything as i had my free cinema card! i also had a hot dog while i was there and it was so nice but i forgot to get some sweets or popcorn so was pretty bored with nothing to eat while i was there lol

I have been getting bits and Bob's for Connor's bedroom, so far i have some dinosaur wall stickers that cost me £35 but there really nice and got his name in stickers too from the same website, i have got him some dinosaur bedding from Next and a dinosaur teddy from Next that looked good on the bed in the shop lol that was £42, i got him a dinosaur height chart too lol can you what Im going for here?. my mum got him a side rail for his single bed when we buy it so he wont fall out of it so that's great, i wanna get him a few more bits too like a lamp and re-paint his room.

Were getting his bed from Next and Matt's mum and dad are going to pay for half of his bed and mattress for his 2nd birthday so that's a big help as the bed without a mattress is £225! I'm spending so much money on his room but i want stuff that will last him and the bed should do him till he is at least 10 years old then he will prob get a double bed as he has a big bedroom. I'm also going to order him the bed side cabinet too from Next at the same time.

its unreal that Connor will be 2 in 2 months! it has gone so fast.
he is talking more now so I'm really happy about that, he can now....
* say bye and wave at the same time,
*say bob (over and over!)
*say go
*say mum
*say wow
*say oh no.

prob dont seem that much but to me it is lol in a few months he will be talking and we wont be able to shut him up i bet haha

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My E-Flow Is No More...

My E-Flow has passed its sell by date as they say, it just died, stopped working! I cant get it to turn back on or anything and i have tryed everything i can think of.
Anyway i rang my team and have been told to bring it up A.S.A.P but i cant get up for 2 days so that is just going to have to do. I'm so mad coz i have been so good with doing my neb's and at the moment I'm on my month of colomycin so that's going to be a messed up month, i just hope that i can get back in to it once i get it fixed or get a new one.

I'm loving the sun we have been having and its great that all my washing can go out there so i don't have to use my tumble dryer altho i do have to iron it now but that don't take long.
I'm still waiting to hear back from the council to see when we can pull the old coal shed down that like a meter from my back door! not pretty at all.

Connor has 4 ex battery hen's now, there at my mums house coz i don't think our cat would like them...or maybe she would like them to much! I have some photos of them too but there not on my laptop yet so you will have to wait for these ones.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Goodbye Suzy XXX

I have some very sad news, my good friend Suzy passed away last night in her sleep.
I'm very upset and don't know what to say, Suzy was such a nice and lovely lady and I'm so angry with CF and that she didn't get the TX she needed.

I have felt so lost today and didn't know what to do with myself really, it came as such a shock as no one really knew how ill she was, Suzy never liked to talk about CF, she didn't want to be reminded of it i think, whenever i asked her if she was ok see always said she was.

I will miss her so much, so so much....staying in papworth will never be the same, i wont have Suzy there to chat to about the care and food we get.

Cant say anymore I'm sorry x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Told Off By Gemma.

I have added some photos of me getting my hair cut and having to wear a black bin bag as Rosie forgot her coat thing for me and one of Connor looking very cute!

Ok so i have been told off by Gemma!!!!
Not doing my Tobi neb once a day now and so going to try really hard to do it 2 times a day like Gemma say's....easier said then done, but i will really try.
Since taking the Tobi yesterday i have had a right tickle of a cough that as really started to pi** me off lol hope it don't last.

I went to bed at like 8.45pm yesterday, i was just so tired, I'm alot better today and in a clean mode so after i take my Tobi in a min i will start with the washing up and ironing and that. already done the hovering today but only coz Connor ran in to my plant pot and mud went all over the carpet.

I have been saving up for the last 3 weeks!! i opened a online saver and every time any money goes in i put 10 pound in the online saver, i have 50 pound now and Matt as been doing the same and he has 50! we are saving to do up the back garden, we have an old coal shed by our back door, its really ugly and coz its so big we don't get much light in the back of the house and its full of spider so we are just getting permission from the council to pull it down and patio a bit of the back garden so we can set up our BBQ and get some nice chairs and table for the summer! and i want a new washing line lol and were going to put up a new wooden shed at the end of the garden so we have somewhere to keep bits and bobs. anyway i would say we need around 500 pound to do that and we have 100 together so far and that's only in 3 weeks so i don't think it will take us long to do it.

right my washing is done in the tumble dryer so going to sort that then take my Tobi.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day One Of Tobi Plan

Ok i have just done the 1st lot of my Tobi so will carry on to moz!


Tobi Nebs.

I know i don't do my Tobi Nebs alot....ok never but i have got a plan!
I'm going to start taking it once a day and see how i go, if i keep that up i will up it to 2 times a day. I don't do my DNAEs unless i know i have time and will do my physio, if i do them and then don't do my physio then its bad as it can make stuff worse in my lungs and i don't want that.

I have a cough again but to tell you the truth i always do so that's nothing new! i do also feel breathless when i walk, even if its just around tesco, so the nebs will help.

I have been doing lots of e-baying this last month and with my mum and dad giving us stuff to sell i think we have made 400-500 pound! all has gone on bills tho so didn't see any of it, well i did see 46.99 of it as i got a new watch :) its a DKNY one and i had the same one 2 years ago for x-mas but i cant find it anywhere! anyway i treated my self to it.
I also got a new Radley purse for mothers day at the weekend too, really happy with that, i love it. thank you Connor xx (and Matt lol)

My friend Charlotte is in hospital at the mo so i went up to see her last night and took her in a goody bag full of bits! she loved it so that was the main thing, and i also got her a card...now this may sound like something she would get anyway but your wrong! as many CF people will tell you because we are in and out of hospital all the time people forget we are ill and just see it as every day life and nothing diff, she was very happy with the card too :)


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Council, Shopping and Nasty Buttons!

The last few days has been all about the council.
I filled out a form about council tax as i have a med's room where my physio bed and bike are and all my feeds stuff and stock or all my i.v's and my normal pills for every day.
Well the lady i talked to when i asked for the form told me that even tho we have this room for all my stuff and don't sleep in it or anything she said i wouldn't get the discount as i have not changed it just put stuff in it.
Anyway a man rang me from the council yesterday and asked what CF was and what i use the room for so once i had told him all about it he said it sounds like i will get the discount but he would need to make a 5 min vist to make sure I'm telling the truth but said he didn't see a reason why not, silly woman didn't know what she was talking about! so he is due at 3pm to moz.

I had a lady ring me on Monday i think it was anyway it turns out we can have our loft insulated for free because I'm on DLA so I'm happy about that all i have to do is get the council to agree to it and it will be done.
I rang the council and they said i have to send them a letter saying what i want to do and they will send one back telling me if we can do it or not so while i was doing that i also asked if we could knock down the old brick coal shed by our back door as i cant see Connor in the garden unless I'm out there with him, so its for safety really + i really hate it, its about a foot from our back door and its full of bugs and not very nice stuff lol so I'm going to drop that in to moz after i have taken Connor to tumble tot's.

I went shopping to lakeside with my friend Laura yesterday, it was a really nice day out! i got Matt his birthday stuff, wont tell you what as me may read this! I also got a few things to make a cake with too :D if i don't mess it up that is lol if i do i will just buy a white iced cake and put everything on that, i will also take photo's.

Think i have got my button sorted out now, it was bleeding last night as when i woke up i had crusty dry bloody round it, it kills. i have started my cipro yesterday so hope they work even tho my CF nurse said they couldn't say if they would or not! grrr.
I'm going to deff have it out still as i hate it and don't use it so i want it out!
I have to pick up some dressing for it to moz and see if that will also help it, she said that i should not be worried if it turns my belly black....right lol

Monday, 2 March 2009

Bits And Bobs....

Why do i never seem to have any time to do this and update everyone on what has been going on in our little life's.

As i type i have Connor sat on my lap twisting his neck to see the TV but wont get off me to make it easier for him, every time i try to move him he gets the hump and jumps right back on...and if he's not sat with me he is an inch away from the TV and many a time i have come back in the room from washing up or what not and he is there an inch away and able to lick it if he wished! that or he is on the house phone, i just thank god he hasn't dialed the police yet but I'm sure he will and one day when I'm cleaning or something we will have 3 cop cars turn up and kick the door in coz they think someone has been killed!!
Talking about that someone has been killed by my mums house, since Saturday morning there whole street next to my mums has been taped off and there is police there 24/7, word in the street is that a old woman in her 60's was robbed when she got home so she phoned the police but while she was waiting for them (and we all know how long they take to come out) the robbers came back to take more stuff and found her there and something went wrong and they killed her and legged it!!!! it makes me sick to think why anyone would kill anyone let alone an old woman 60+ years old, its just not right on a number of levels. i hope they get found and go down for life, and also life should mean life! not 18 years.

This last month we have had just about ever bill you can think of come through our door, Matt only got paid on Friday and with paying everything he only has 17 pound left! we got to live on mine now for the month, it isn't that bad but we cant spend any more money on anything but food and to fill the car up. its also Matt's birthday on 10th but I'm going to have to see what i can do about that. he wants a new football shirt but its about 45 pound and i really don't think i can get that this month so it might have to wait till next month and i just get him some sweets or something just so he has something to open up on his birthday.

I have been selling on eBay and so far we have around 80 pound once they take there fee's so that's good, i also have alot more on at the mo and if they sell i should have around 200 pound more so I'm really hoping they sell.

Everyone seems to be going away at the mo :( me and Matt have been together 3 years 4 months and we have never had a holiday away yet, Matt went to the USA a months or 2 after we got together....and me, well the last holiday i went on was when i was 15!!!!! I'm now 24, 25 this year so you can see its been a very long time! and i cant wait for next year, we are going away for Connor's 3rd birthday to a center parc's!!! i really cant wait, it will take a lot of saving but it will be worth it.

Connor has fallen asleep on the sofa now so i cut his nails while i had the chance, i can only do them when he is asleep as he wont sit still for anything lol
anyway while he is asleep I'm going to get on with some washing up.

Friday, 20 February 2009

New Phone And A Free Wii.

Today i ordered my new phone (A Samsung Soul) from Dial-A-Phone and got a free Wii and game with it! I'm well happy! it comes to moz (21st Feb) by 1pm YAY!!!!

I have been trying to get my photos off my old phone on to the laptop so i can save them but to tell you the truth i don't have a clue what I'm doing lol so will have to wait until Matt gets home from work. i also wanted to put the new photos of Connor from my cam to the laptop but i cant find my cable for it so I'm not having much luck with photos and laptops today.

Connor went to a play center on Monday and loved it, we went with my mate Laura and her son Louis who is 5 months older then Connor and when we got there we was the only ones! mind it wasn't very big but was enough for them to play in, anyway we got a cup of tea and sat down on the 1st table so we could easily see the boys playing. after about 10 Min's a bunch of kids came in with there mums (all around 35 +) and kind of took over! as Connor and Louis was the youngest ones there they were pushed about a far bit, Connor didn't like and and stayed close to us but we couldn't get Louis out of there lol he loves it, running about with all the other kids (age range from 2-6)
Like i said it was nice but because i don't look older then 16 and Laura looks like she is off the cat walk (6 foot tall, blonde, very pretty and about a size 8) every time she got up to see to Louis the other mums kept looking at her funny and talking about her....wishing they looked as good as her I'm sure!

Had to go to papworth on Wednesday and everything was gr8! my LF was at 45% 6 weeks ago and now its at 44% so not much of a drop and my weight was at 51.8kg and now is at 52.4kg and that is without any overnight feeds!!!!! so I'm very happy about that, my sats were at 95% too.
My peg is still very very red and hurts alot still, not keeping me up at night like it was last week but still not nice, they took another swab of it and will get back to me next week about what it is.
I have been put on to creon 25,000 now from creon 10,000 as the 10,000 had seemed to stop working for the last 2 months and i kept finding myself oh the toilet for what seemed like hours at a time lol (not that you needed or wanted to know the last bit!) so they should work better now and its alot less pills so I'm very happy with that too, all in all a very good day!

My friend Charlotte is away on Holiday this last week (comes home to moz) and i have really missed talking to her lol next week we are talking the kids to another play center and i cant wait :) what a big kid lol

Connor got his Tumble Tot's t-shirt in the post yesterday and he wanted to put it on right away! he will have to wait till next week when they go back (had a week holiday)

Anyway i need to get on with stuff, got to get in the bath and put Connor in after while I'm at it. saves doing it later tonight

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Nothing But Life

God I'm so bored with how my life is!
i don't go out much in the week as everyone works or my mates live to far away, i only go out at the weekends with Matt coz he isn't at work but he always wants to stay in as he has been at work all week so he gets the hump.
I just feel on the outside at the mo, my mates don't really seem to care and they all go out the the pub or a club and never think to ask me along....since having Connor i don't do anything!
I'm not saying having Connor was bad or anything, i love him more then anything else in the world and i would never change having him but I'm just getting fed up and lonely being on my own.
i don't go out with Connor on my own as he is so heavy now that getting him in and out the car is hard and with it being cold i end up having a coughing fit once I'm in the car, and he has a big coat on that is really just to big to do anything with.

I'm having such a self pity day today, i was meant to go out with my mate Laura, just me and her but she came with her bf nick. i didn't mind him coming i was just hoping it would be us.

i think I'm going to go to bed as I'm just going to ramble on about more stuff that i don't like!
night all x

Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Dinning Room Set!

We got our new dinning room set today!! the rang yesterday to say they would be round from 7am to 12 noon and what time did they turn up???....7.45am! but at least it was then out the way and i had the whole day free to sit on my butt, Matt came home from work at lunch time as he has a cold and didn't feel well but then started to set up the table so i said he couldn't have been that unwell...he said he was.

Connor has been very naughty today, he wont leave my house phone alone! if i leave the room he is on it, one day he will ring the police and they will be at the door thinking something is wrong for a baby to ring them!

We had to take Connor to A&E on Monday night as he wasn't well, he was finding hard to breath and he was coughing alot but it wasn't a normal cough not even a cough as bad as us with CF, it was a bark like a dog. anyway after being up there from about 10.45pm till 2am they sent us home with not doing much. they said he had croup but it must have been mild for them to send him home as my friends two kids had to have steroid's.

He is alot better now tho.

He has started to really throw a right strop when you try to change him and he has started to throw his head back really hard, I'm scared he will hurt himself if he Carry's on like this, i hope it wont last for very long.

He head butted me today, it hurt so much i really thought i would have to go A&E with a broken nose but it was ok after 10Min's, i might have a black eye when i wake up tho! he cried so much so i wasn't really registering my pain just his but once he stopped i could feel mine lol

I have never known a kid to not nap in the day time...Connor has been doing it since before his 1st birthday, he will nap one day for like 20Min's to an hour max and then the next day he wont but by about 4/5pm you can see how tired he is, like today he fell asleep on the sofa when i was getting his dinner ready (we all ate at the same time up the new table and it was lovely) i have taken a photo so will put that up. he woke up in the end and had his dinner then a bottle of milk and when to bed at 6.30pm and hasn't woken up since so that is good.

I got my Ugg boots now, Matt's mum got me them for Xmas but they were the wrong size so we went and tired some on in the shops to see what size i was and we found out that the ones she had got me were fake! anyway she has got me new ones now but they did cost her like 70 pound more then the fake ones.
Anyway here are some photo's...

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year, T-Mobile And Stolen Car's!

Happy New Year!!!!

Lets hope 2009 is a better year for all CF people!

Well x-mas has gone so fast! it really has, but it also feels like it was such a long time ago, its only 7 months till Connor is 2 years old!!! He has started to say a few more words at the moment but he isn't saying them all the time just every now and again, he can say bye, bob and yeah.
He is really sweet when he Say's them, its so cute.

Connor got so much for x-mas, we didn't take any photo's because i lost my camera (i.e Connor hid it again) and he got so much that i cant even say but his main things were a little tikes red and yellow car, a jumping zebra thing, lots of Thomas stuff, some DVDs, some Cd's, lots of bob the builder stuff....he got lots more then that too, i will take some photo's soon and put them up.

Matt got a blue i-pod nano from me and lots of little bits, he got a big big big beanbag off his mum (takes up half our room!) umm lots of other little thing.
I got money, a new 60L bin, mamma mia CD and DVD, vouchers, jeans, and some ugg boots! but they boots have to go back coz there a size to small for me.

T-Mobile are the worse network ever!! never go with them! i gave them my phone on the 3rd Nov so they could fix it and they still have it! i keep going back to the shop asking whats going on but they just keep telling me to wait and that they cant do anything about it...grrr so i got fed up with that so i got my mate Laura to come to the shop with me to sort it out (Laura has worked in phones for you for the last 4 years) anyway she got it sorted and they gave me 70 pound back for the last 2 months of them having my phone and the lady in the shop says they have lost my phone from the looks of it so she is going to ring me on Monday to let me know what is going on.

And last but not least yesterday at 6am Matt's mum and dad had there car's stolen off there drive! the police say its a gang that know what they are doing and that have done it to lots of people in the last few months. they got in by the back door and took the keys and took Matt's dad's wallet that had over 250 pound in and all his cards, they took the BMW 1st that Matt's dad only got in the summer and cost them about 40 grand and then they took the 08 land rover that's cost about 24 grand!!!
the police cant do anything about it!
so all in all not a gr8 x-mas.

hope everyone else had a nice time