Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Day One Of Tobi Plan

Ok i have just done the 1st lot of my Tobi so will carry on to moz!



Gemma said...

DON'T do your tobi once a day! You will build up a resistance to it. Its better to do it not at all so you continue to be sensitive to tobramycin. Why do you find it so difficult to do twice a day? Just do it after your breakfast and tea or something so you get into a routine then you will find it easy to do.
I'm suprised you were allowed to visit your friend? Hope she is ok xx

Chantelle said...

OK OK lol i'll try it 2 times a day but i cant say if i will or not.
i just dont have time to do stuff with looking after connor, well i do but i never rememebr!
i didnt tell any one i was going to see charlotte, just went. she hasnt got anything diff to me anyway, and i was only there for 45 mins.

Gemma said...

your naughty sneaking in hehe
Yeah try twice a day, I swear once you do it a few times you will get into a routine. You could even do it in bed just before you goto sleep, I do that quite alot. Next step is doing physio...! haha