Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tobi Nebs.

I know i don't do my Tobi Nebs alot....ok never but i have got a plan!
I'm going to start taking it once a day and see how i go, if i keep that up i will up it to 2 times a day. I don't do my DNAEs unless i know i have time and will do my physio, if i do them and then don't do my physio then its bad as it can make stuff worse in my lungs and i don't want that.

I have a cough again but to tell you the truth i always do so that's nothing new! i do also feel breathless when i walk, even if its just around tesco, so the nebs will help.

I have been doing lots of e-baying this last month and with my mum and dad giving us stuff to sell i think we have made 400-500 pound! all has gone on bills tho so didn't see any of it, well i did see 46.99 of it as i got a new watch :) its a DKNY one and i had the same one 2 years ago for x-mas but i cant find it anywhere! anyway i treated my self to it.
I also got a new Radley purse for mothers day at the weekend too, really happy with that, i love it. thank you Connor xx (and Matt lol)

My friend Charlotte is in hospital at the mo so i went up to see her last night and took her in a goody bag full of bits! she loved it so that was the main thing, and i also got her a card...now this may sound like something she would get anyway but your wrong! as many CF people will tell you because we are in and out of hospital all the time people forget we are ill and just see it as every day life and nothing diff, she was very happy with the card too :)


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