Thursday, 5 March 2009

Council, Shopping and Nasty Buttons!

The last few days has been all about the council.
I filled out a form about council tax as i have a med's room where my physio bed and bike are and all my feeds stuff and stock or all my i.v's and my normal pills for every day.
Well the lady i talked to when i asked for the form told me that even tho we have this room for all my stuff and don't sleep in it or anything she said i wouldn't get the discount as i have not changed it just put stuff in it.
Anyway a man rang me from the council yesterday and asked what CF was and what i use the room for so once i had told him all about it he said it sounds like i will get the discount but he would need to make a 5 min vist to make sure I'm telling the truth but said he didn't see a reason why not, silly woman didn't know what she was talking about! so he is due at 3pm to moz.

I had a lady ring me on Monday i think it was anyway it turns out we can have our loft insulated for free because I'm on DLA so I'm happy about that all i have to do is get the council to agree to it and it will be done.
I rang the council and they said i have to send them a letter saying what i want to do and they will send one back telling me if we can do it or not so while i was doing that i also asked if we could knock down the old brick coal shed by our back door as i cant see Connor in the garden unless I'm out there with him, so its for safety really + i really hate it, its about a foot from our back door and its full of bugs and not very nice stuff lol so I'm going to drop that in to moz after i have taken Connor to tumble tot's.

I went shopping to lakeside with my friend Laura yesterday, it was a really nice day out! i got Matt his birthday stuff, wont tell you what as me may read this! I also got a few things to make a cake with too :D if i don't mess it up that is lol if i do i will just buy a white iced cake and put everything on that, i will also take photo's.

Think i have got my button sorted out now, it was bleeding last night as when i woke up i had crusty dry bloody round it, it kills. i have started my cipro yesterday so hope they work even tho my CF nurse said they couldn't say if they would or not! grrr.
I'm going to deff have it out still as i hate it and don't use it so i want it out!
I have to pick up some dressing for it to moz and see if that will also help it, she said that i should not be worried if it turns my belly black....right lol


Gemma said...

course you can get your council tax reduced, stupid woman. How do these people get these jobs since they clearly don't have a clue! Your button sounds nasty!

Chantelle said...

my button is very nasty :(

the guy came over today and just opened the door or the 3rd room and when yeah thats fine. he was here less then 2 mins!!!! waste of time really.