Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Told Off By Gemma.

I have added some photos of me getting my hair cut and having to wear a black bin bag as Rosie forgot her coat thing for me and one of Connor looking very cute!

Ok so i have been told off by Gemma!!!!
Not doing my Tobi neb once a day now and so going to try really hard to do it 2 times a day like Gemma say's....easier said then done, but i will really try.
Since taking the Tobi yesterday i have had a right tickle of a cough that as really started to pi** me off lol hope it don't last.

I went to bed at like 8.45pm yesterday, i was just so tired, I'm alot better today and in a clean mode so after i take my Tobi in a min i will start with the washing up and ironing and that. already done the hovering today but only coz Connor ran in to my plant pot and mud went all over the carpet.

I have been saving up for the last 3 weeks!! i opened a online saver and every time any money goes in i put 10 pound in the online saver, i have 50 pound now and Matt as been doing the same and he has 50! we are saving to do up the back garden, we have an old coal shed by our back door, its really ugly and coz its so big we don't get much light in the back of the house and its full of spider so we are just getting permission from the council to pull it down and patio a bit of the back garden so we can set up our BBQ and get some nice chairs and table for the summer! and i want a new washing line lol and were going to put up a new wooden shed at the end of the garden so we have somewhere to keep bits and bobs. anyway i would say we need around 500 pound to do that and we have 100 together so far and that's only in 3 weeks so i don't think it will take us long to do it.

right my washing is done in the tumble dryer so going to sort that then take my Tobi.


Gemma said...

hehe I got my name in a title! :o)
Tobi makes me a get a gruff throat too but I find it goes after a few days.
Connor is looking such a grown up boy these days! Loving the bin liner look!

BizzleBee said...

Yeah i find tobi gives me a tickly throat for the first few days if i erm "accidently" have a bit of a break from it...tum te tum. I only take it once a day and that is fine. I'm on it constantly though but my clinic also understand i'm more likely to do it if i only have to do it once a day.

Chantelle said...

Lol yes you did gemma and the bin liner look is great for a night on the town, a dlack dress and a rain coat in one haha

i might have a word with papworth about doing it once a day and not having a month off as that might make me do it better....hmmm xx