Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hospital Life

I haven't been updating my blog, I'm not sure why as i have been in hospital alot since TX and have had the time but i guess i don't what to moan about being in hospital more now then i was before i got my new lungs. i don't want to seem ungrateful in any way because I'm not, far from it in fact, I'm so happy I'm not on oxygen and not in a wheelchair anymore, i love the fact i can play for hours with Connor without getting tired and out of breath, i can walk my dog Roxy every day, i can do the house work and even love doing it after all these years of sat on the sofa while Matt cleans, i love the fact i don't cough and that i just feel well every day that i wake up.
but with all that I'm still in and out of hospital alot. its not the lungs, there in great condition and the Dr couldn't be happier with them but the anit rejection pills I'm on have messed my bloods up a bit so until that gets sorted out it looks like papworth is going to be my 2nd home for a few months yet.
i came in on the 8th this stay and its now the 25th and I'm still here and looking at another week or so yet.
fingers crossed i don't go mad before then.

In other news Connor started school 2 weeks ago, the Dr let me home on his 1st day so i could walk him to school and back but then i had to come back to the hospital and have only seen Connor 4 times after that :( i miss him but if i don't get my bloods sorted out he wont have a mummy to walk him to school so because of that i need to stay isn't making it easier knowing that.

I'm going to start work at my dads next month doing 16 hours a week while Connors at school, i cant wait as i haven't been to work in years and years. I'm really looking forward to it, makes me feel like I'm doing something with my life and not just sat wasting it.

I'm going to try and up date this blog every week now as i think it will help me with all the hospital stays.