Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dec 2009

Well my birthday is all over with now, don't you find its like that? I wait all year for my birthday and the days leading up to it seem to drag and then on the day it all fly's by so fast that it seems like any other day?

We went up to the Westfiled center in London for my birthday and it was really good, it was really big and we didn't get to walk around it all as we didn't have enough time.
We left home just before 9am and got there at about 11 ish and once we had eaten lunch it was like 1pm or something and we had to leave at about 4pm to make it home to put Connor to bed.
They had a few shops that you had to line up for outside like you was waiting to get in to a club or something and they were letting like 1 or 2 people in at a time! seemed very odd and over the top for me, we didn't go in any of them but i was a bit angry as i wanted to go to the Ugg store there to get some stuff for my new boots so they wouldn't get dirty but i wasn't lining up for 20 mins for it.
They also had a place called the village that had all the shops like Prada and D & G and in the middle they had a little cafe/bar thing that was selling champagne for £10 a glass! i wanted to have one but there wasn't any seats left so we didn't in the end.

What is with the weather! SNOW!!! and not just normal snow that we get that melts the next day or so, this snow has been here around 5 days so far! and it looks like we will have it for xmas day too. I should have put a bet on.
Connor loves it when Matt is making snow balls and then throwing them at the window, he laughs so much. he will be sad when it has all gone and we haven't even made a snow man yet...must do that at some point.

I think all my xmas shopping is done now, i have a few bits i still need to wrap (may do them later) and still need to send cards but i think that's not going to happen now. i did all my cards at the end of Nov but i don't know where i put them, some where for safe keeping and now cant find them so cant send them! if you got a card from me then your lucky this year!!!

I'm back on I.V's at the moment, been on them a week today, I'm not sure what my LF was last week as i didn't end up doing my blows but i did them yesterday and they were at 28%.........least to say I'm not happy! i don't know what has happened with my lungs these last 6 months, it feels like they have given up the fight in a way.
I might have to have 3 or 4 weeks of these ones to see if they help. i need to get my weight back on as well so i have asked about NG feeding for after xmas, i need to do something before it gets bad again and I'm really ill. my weight is at 47.9kg but was at 56kg in the summer! so lost lots. I'm also on some steroids too but there making my BM's high so I'm having to do more insulin and coz of that i think I'm losing more weight.
They said we'll see how my LF is over the next few weeks and if it wont go back up then we will have to talk things over and see what were going to do next.
I cant seem to win at the moment.

I cant remember if i said bout me booking up a Holiday at center parcs for Matt's birthday next year? its in march and will be our 1st Holiday together! never felt the need to go before and we always had other things we needed to buy or pay for before having a Holiday like car's/flat/bills/Connor. I cant wait, its going to be good.
Matt knows about it now and is really happy.

Anyway I'm not to sure what else to put....will post again after xmas and with some photos too.