Monday, 2 March 2009

Bits And Bobs....

Why do i never seem to have any time to do this and update everyone on what has been going on in our little life's.

As i type i have Connor sat on my lap twisting his neck to see the TV but wont get off me to make it easier for him, every time i try to move him he gets the hump and jumps right back on...and if he's not sat with me he is an inch away from the TV and many a time i have come back in the room from washing up or what not and he is there an inch away and able to lick it if he wished! that or he is on the house phone, i just thank god he hasn't dialed the police yet but I'm sure he will and one day when I'm cleaning or something we will have 3 cop cars turn up and kick the door in coz they think someone has been killed!!
Talking about that someone has been killed by my mums house, since Saturday morning there whole street next to my mums has been taped off and there is police there 24/7, word in the street is that a old woman in her 60's was robbed when she got home so she phoned the police but while she was waiting for them (and we all know how long they take to come out) the robbers came back to take more stuff and found her there and something went wrong and they killed her and legged it!!!! it makes me sick to think why anyone would kill anyone let alone an old woman 60+ years old, its just not right on a number of levels. i hope they get found and go down for life, and also life should mean life! not 18 years.

This last month we have had just about ever bill you can think of come through our door, Matt only got paid on Friday and with paying everything he only has 17 pound left! we got to live on mine now for the month, it isn't that bad but we cant spend any more money on anything but food and to fill the car up. its also Matt's birthday on 10th but I'm going to have to see what i can do about that. he wants a new football shirt but its about 45 pound and i really don't think i can get that this month so it might have to wait till next month and i just get him some sweets or something just so he has something to open up on his birthday.

I have been selling on eBay and so far we have around 80 pound once they take there fee's so that's good, i also have alot more on at the mo and if they sell i should have around 200 pound more so I'm really hoping they sell.

Everyone seems to be going away at the mo :( me and Matt have been together 3 years 4 months and we have never had a holiday away yet, Matt went to the USA a months or 2 after we got together....and me, well the last holiday i went on was when i was 15!!!!! I'm now 24, 25 this year so you can see its been a very long time! and i cant wait for next year, we are going away for Connor's 3rd birthday to a center parc's!!! i really cant wait, it will take a lot of saving but it will be worth it.

Connor has fallen asleep on the sofa now so i cut his nails while i had the chance, i can only do them when he is asleep as he wont sit still for anything lol
anyway while he is asleep I'm going to get on with some washing up.

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Gemma said...

aw that is rubbish not been able to go on holiday! The price for having a baby I guess! I went to centre parks when I was little and I remember it been really good so it should be good!