Friday, 20 February 2009

New Phone And A Free Wii.

Today i ordered my new phone (A Samsung Soul) from Dial-A-Phone and got a free Wii and game with it! I'm well happy! it comes to moz (21st Feb) by 1pm YAY!!!!

I have been trying to get my photos off my old phone on to the laptop so i can save them but to tell you the truth i don't have a clue what I'm doing lol so will have to wait until Matt gets home from work. i also wanted to put the new photos of Connor from my cam to the laptop but i cant find my cable for it so I'm not having much luck with photos and laptops today.

Connor went to a play center on Monday and loved it, we went with my mate Laura and her son Louis who is 5 months older then Connor and when we got there we was the only ones! mind it wasn't very big but was enough for them to play in, anyway we got a cup of tea and sat down on the 1st table so we could easily see the boys playing. after about 10 Min's a bunch of kids came in with there mums (all around 35 +) and kind of took over! as Connor and Louis was the youngest ones there they were pushed about a far bit, Connor didn't like and and stayed close to us but we couldn't get Louis out of there lol he loves it, running about with all the other kids (age range from 2-6)
Like i said it was nice but because i don't look older then 16 and Laura looks like she is off the cat walk (6 foot tall, blonde, very pretty and about a size 8) every time she got up to see to Louis the other mums kept looking at her funny and talking about her....wishing they looked as good as her I'm sure!

Had to go to papworth on Wednesday and everything was gr8! my LF was at 45% 6 weeks ago and now its at 44% so not much of a drop and my weight was at 51.8kg and now is at 52.4kg and that is without any overnight feeds!!!!! so I'm very happy about that, my sats were at 95% too.
My peg is still very very red and hurts alot still, not keeping me up at night like it was last week but still not nice, they took another swab of it and will get back to me next week about what it is.
I have been put on to creon 25,000 now from creon 10,000 as the 10,000 had seemed to stop working for the last 2 months and i kept finding myself oh the toilet for what seemed like hours at a time lol (not that you needed or wanted to know the last bit!) so they should work better now and its alot less pills so I'm very happy with that too, all in all a very good day!

My friend Charlotte is away on Holiday this last week (comes home to moz) and i have really missed talking to her lol next week we are talking the kids to another play center and i cant wait :) what a big kid lol

Connor got his Tumble Tot's t-shirt in the post yesterday and he wanted to put it on right away! he will have to wait till next week when they go back (had a week holiday)

Anyway i need to get on with stuff, got to get in the bath and put Connor in after while I'm at it. saves doing it later tonight


Gemma said...

I love reading about your toilet habits, good to know i'm not the only one who has a close relationship with her toilet :o)

Chantelle said...

lol i think we all do :) it comes with having CF! x