Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Nothing But Life

God I'm so bored with how my life is!
i don't go out much in the week as everyone works or my mates live to far away, i only go out at the weekends with Matt coz he isn't at work but he always wants to stay in as he has been at work all week so he gets the hump.
I just feel on the outside at the mo, my mates don't really seem to care and they all go out the the pub or a club and never think to ask me along....since having Connor i don't do anything!
I'm not saying having Connor was bad or anything, i love him more then anything else in the world and i would never change having him but I'm just getting fed up and lonely being on my own.
i don't go out with Connor on my own as he is so heavy now that getting him in and out the car is hard and with it being cold i end up having a coughing fit once I'm in the car, and he has a big coat on that is really just to big to do anything with.

I'm having such a self pity day today, i was meant to go out with my mate Laura, just me and her but she came with her bf nick. i didn't mind him coming i was just hoping it would be us.

i think I'm going to go to bed as I'm just going to ramble on about more stuff that i don't like!
night all x


Gemma said...

aw sweetie I posted a similiar post the other day! it must be so hard with Connor, you should just go for a nice walk somewhere, it's so difficult to force yourself to go but I always find once i'm at the lake or whatever it's really nice and you see other people out and about, you can watch the world go by!
Hopefully it will start warming up abit and then things will be easier. Winter is ok for abit but it drags on forever!

Chantelle said...

i was fine untill i went out yesterday and like i said my mates bf came along too! :(
just didnt feel right from then.
im ok today, been cleaning alot today .
think it was just one of them days!
how are you xx