Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year, T-Mobile And Stolen Car's!

Happy New Year!!!!

Lets hope 2009 is a better year for all CF people!

Well x-mas has gone so fast! it really has, but it also feels like it was such a long time ago, its only 7 months till Connor is 2 years old!!! He has started to say a few more words at the moment but he isn't saying them all the time just every now and again, he can say bye, bob and yeah.
He is really sweet when he Say's them, its so cute.

Connor got so much for x-mas, we didn't take any photo's because i lost my camera (i.e Connor hid it again) and he got so much that i cant even say but his main things were a little tikes red and yellow car, a jumping zebra thing, lots of Thomas stuff, some DVDs, some Cd's, lots of bob the builder stuff....he got lots more then that too, i will take some photo's soon and put them up.

Matt got a blue i-pod nano from me and lots of little bits, he got a big big big beanbag off his mum (takes up half our room!) umm lots of other little thing.
I got money, a new 60L bin, mamma mia CD and DVD, vouchers, jeans, and some ugg boots! but they boots have to go back coz there a size to small for me.

T-Mobile are the worse network ever!! never go with them! i gave them my phone on the 3rd Nov so they could fix it and they still have it! i keep going back to the shop asking whats going on but they just keep telling me to wait and that they cant do anything about it...grrr so i got fed up with that so i got my mate Laura to come to the shop with me to sort it out (Laura has worked in phones for you for the last 4 years) anyway she got it sorted and they gave me 70 pound back for the last 2 months of them having my phone and the lady in the shop says they have lost my phone from the looks of it so she is going to ring me on Monday to let me know what is going on.

And last but not least yesterday at 6am Matt's mum and dad had there car's stolen off there drive! the police say its a gang that know what they are doing and that have done it to lots of people in the last few months. they got in by the back door and took the keys and took Matt's dad's wallet that had over 250 pound in and all his cards, they took the BMW 1st that Matt's dad only got in the summer and cost them about 40 grand and then they took the 08 land rover that's cost about 24 grand!!!
the police cant do anything about it!
so all in all not a gr8 x-mas.

hope everyone else had a nice time

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Gemma said...

oh no thats rubbish about the cars! A few years ago there were some people sneaking in peoples back doors in the summer cos people leave them unlocked cos of bbq's etc and taking keys, money etc. My mum actually saw our backdoor handle go down but luckily the door was locked! You should never leave keys near your doors! I once left mine in the kehole and they smashed the window and took the keys but luckily they just chucked them in a bush!

Ugg boots? So jealous! Glad you had a good Christmas xx