Thursday, 22 January 2009

New Dinning Room Set!

We got our new dinning room set today!! the rang yesterday to say they would be round from 7am to 12 noon and what time did they turn up???....7.45am! but at least it was then out the way and i had the whole day free to sit on my butt, Matt came home from work at lunch time as he has a cold and didn't feel well but then started to set up the table so i said he couldn't have been that unwell...he said he was.

Connor has been very naughty today, he wont leave my house phone alone! if i leave the room he is on it, one day he will ring the police and they will be at the door thinking something is wrong for a baby to ring them!

We had to take Connor to A&E on Monday night as he wasn't well, he was finding hard to breath and he was coughing alot but it wasn't a normal cough not even a cough as bad as us with CF, it was a bark like a dog. anyway after being up there from about 10.45pm till 2am they sent us home with not doing much. they said he had croup but it must have been mild for them to send him home as my friends two kids had to have steroid's.

He is alot better now tho.

He has started to really throw a right strop when you try to change him and he has started to throw his head back really hard, I'm scared he will hurt himself if he Carry's on like this, i hope it wont last for very long.

He head butted me today, it hurt so much i really thought i would have to go A&E with a broken nose but it was ok after 10Min's, i might have a black eye when i wake up tho! he cried so much so i wasn't really registering my pain just his but once he stopped i could feel mine lol

I have never known a kid to not nap in the day time...Connor has been doing it since before his 1st birthday, he will nap one day for like 20Min's to an hour max and then the next day he wont but by about 4/5pm you can see how tired he is, like today he fell asleep on the sofa when i was getting his dinner ready (we all ate at the same time up the new table and it was lovely) i have taken a photo so will put that up. he woke up in the end and had his dinner then a bottle of milk and when to bed at 6.30pm and hasn't woken up since so that is good.

I got my Ugg boots now, Matt's mum got me them for Xmas but they were the wrong size so we went and tired some on in the shops to see what size i was and we found out that the ones she had got me were fake! anyway she has got me new ones now but they did cost her like 70 pound more then the fake ones.
Anyway here are some photo's...


Gemma said...

aw who would know Connor was a little horror from those photos, I think your lying! hehe. Glad Connor is feeling better. Your table and chairs look very nice!

Chantelle said...

oh no im not lying, he really is lol
he is only 18 months old and wont have a nap in the day time now. they ment to nap till there like 3!
thanks im at the table now, keep using it :D i love it lol x