Thursday, 2 July 2009

Books, i.v's and everything else!

Connor's bedroom is all done now, only took a month! i have already started to rip the wallpaper off mine and Matt's bedroom but he says he is having a weekend off this week and will sand and paint next weekend so i have a week left to rip the rest of the wallpaper off at least.
I'm on i.v's at the moment, i come off them on Monday so not long at all. this last month has just flown by so fast that i don't know where i am lol

My LF was 37% when i started my i.v's and on Monday it was at 44% so that is great news at only a week in, hope it is up at 46% by Monday coming! my wight was 54.2kg when i started and on Monday it was at 56kg!!! i think that is wrong. they had moved them for a start as they were painting the LF room so i wonder if that has anything to do with it at all and I'm not sure its the normal one that i use so that too could make a diff and because when i got home and weighed myself mine said 55kg. we will see what they say on Monday coming.

Its Connors birthday in 3 weeks and 3 days!!!!! wow i cant get over the fact that my little baby is 2! he will be at school before i know it.
His new thing at the moment is Toy Story so we have got him a Buzz Light-Year for his birthday along with tons of other stuff....i may have gone a bit over the top but he is only 2 once right :D

I have been reading at lot this last month, read all 4 books from the Twilight saga and The Host book (Humans become hosts for these invaders, their minds taken over while their bodies remain intact and continue their lives apparently unchanged) and a book called Mummy Said The F Word! all very good books, i have ordered 2 more books from Amazon and they should be here in the new few days.

The old coal shed in our garden is getting pulled down on Monday so i cant wait for that to get started! i will take photos and put the up, along with some of Connors new room and ours and some of Connor himself! :D

Anyway i must get off as this hot weather is to hot to just sit about in. i need to find my fan....

* I have put some labels on this post...not sure i have done it right but we will see *

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