Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Connor is 2

Had a long last few week so not had time to breath let alone to blog!

Right well so far our garden has been started and the shed is gone now and the path next to it and so that is waiting for the decking being put down (should start that this weekend) and me and my brother have started pulling all the old flowers and plants up because i don't like any of them and want to start a new with all stuff that i pick out and also they were really over grown so we also have to re do the borders so there all the same size and look nice again.

I also have been up north at the weekend to see my nan and grandad as it was Connors 2nd birthday at the weekend and they haven't seen him in around 5 months as they live so far away (around 3 hour)
My aunt came back down with us and is staying at my mum and dads for a week and then my dad is driving her back up next week.

And it was Connors birthday at the weekend! he got so much stuff, mostly all Thomas and toy story stuff and a few bits for the garden like a sand pit and slide and he got a 16ft slip and slide!!! Matt has kinda nicked that one till Connor is older.
We had it up at the weekend and Matt was going down it and Connor even did, it was so funny as he was fully dressed because we didn't think he would go on it.

I feel pretty breathless at the mo and i think its to do with this new bug i have been growing for the last few months, i think its called aspergillus? (is that right ?? Gemma would know lol)
anyway i have not long had i.v's so I'm sure its this bug and not anything else.
I think i may be asking for some meds for it soon as i don't like the feeling, i get it most nights when i lay down in bed when i 1st go to bed and its not a nice feeling at all, like someone is sitting on my chest or something like that.

Got to cut this short as Connor needs changing lol the joys of motherhood!

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