Saturday, 4 July 2009

Im So Fat! (well fat for me)

I hate my shape, now i have put weight on (and still putting it on might i add!) I'm such an odd shape and i hate it i really do, nothing fits any more and i cant seem to find any jeans that will fit my short, skinny legs and my big preg looking belly!!!!!!!!!
I'm not normally a vain person at all, i have my back and have had it for years now so i don't care about that now (but still don't like it) i just hate my belly, i have always been a size 6-8 and now size 10 jeans are getting to small! i mean come on CF!!!!!!! please give me a break, we have all this other stuff to put up with and now you give me this too.

What brings this on i hear you ask, well i don't have any crop jeans or cropped combats and i want some for the summer so have been looking for ages and couldn't find any, well i for 2 pairs great ones today, one of each too and i get them home (there a size 10 by the way) and i just cant do them up. i even nearly cried over it, how silly is that.
I now have to go back to moz and change them for a size 12 but i will try them on in the shop this time!

I also got Connor a green lamp for his bedroom too today and i like its great, it is nearly the same as his green wall in his bedroom so i like it but Matt thinks it looks like a old person lamp as its just a plan lamp.

I have lost my cable to charge my camera so i cant put any photos on my laptop and i cant take any more! its really making me angry coz it was here a few weeks ago but not now.

We also got a new bin today as our old one was one of them push top ones (2nd one we have had) and Connor bust it (like the 1st) so today we got a pedal one so i hope he will leave this one be, i tell him its not a game but he don't seem to care he just thinks its a new toy for him.

I'm off to bed now as Connor was up at 5am today with a messy nappy and then wouldn't go back to sleep but at least i was up and ready to take my i.v's on time lol


Gemma said...

ah thats sucks about your belly. Is it bloatedness or actually weight? I used to get a horrible bloated belly, realised it was damn lactulose!

V_x said...

My belly is the same!! I mostly live in dresses and black tights that cover my belly.

BizzleBee said...

I know how you feel! Since restarting my feeding i'm been very annoyed about it mostly going to my belly. Last time i put on weight it went to my boobs and bum so that was much better. I'm trying to swim more in order to move it so i hope that does that trick. Otherwise its learning to dress differently!

Chantelle said...

i dont think its bloatedness as i drank the same coke as before so dont think its that, maybe its just from eating to much haha
im starting swimming too soon so that might help.