Monday, 17 August 2009

Been Well Busy

Well where do i start.....(i should really update more then i do) our back garden is now done (ish) the decking is all done and we have put some top soil down too and put some grass seeds down.
need to get some wood chips to put down the side of the decking and then i can put some pot plants on top of it.

*photo's to follow*

My dad put a path down for us and my brother put us a out door tap on and we got a hose pipe for it so we can grow the grass seed and wash the car, he also put up my new washing line.

Only need to do a few more bits in the garden now.

I have been feeling ill since Friday last week and on Saturday i spent 3 hours having a nap, Matt woke me up with Connor asking if he could leave Connor in the bedroom with me coz he was messing stuff up as Matt was cleaning....Grrrr.....i got up after that. men. I have my M.O.T to moz up the hospital so I'm going to ask for some i.v's at the same time just to get rid of this cough.

Some people next door but one to us was broken in to last night, they took things like handbag and car keys, stuff like that but they didn't take there car so i guess that's a good thing. have to make sure we double lock all the door's and windows at night from now on, we normally do anyway but def cant forget.
I think they broke in to there house as they have been away for a week and only got back on Saturday so maybe they thought they were still away.
I normally wake up if a pin drops and normally wake up and go to the loo a few times in the night but i didn't wake up once last night....maybe it was me who did it with sleep walking lol

I think I'm going to clean up today and bin tons of stuff we don't use and just do a big spring clean, coz I'm in the mood and coz you cant get in our spare room for junk lol

Me and Matt have been talking and once he has got his car next year were going to save for our wedding :) will take up around 3-4 years i would think as we need around 6 grand :) :) :)

were going to get wed at a place called Leez Priory, if you google it you can see it :)

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