Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back On i.v's

Had my annual review ( CF M.O.T) yesterday, it was such a long day and was made longer by having Connor there i think,
We set off at 7am to get there for 8am and had all the tests done and left at 4.15pm and got home at around 5.20pm so very long day with a 2 year old sat in one room for most of the day and it was so hot too.

My lungs are not being very nice to me this summer, my last LF was at 45% and that was 6 weeks ago and yesterday my LF was at 36%!!! so you can guess I'm not to happy about that at all...i had all the diff lung tests done yesterday and when the lady who did the tested showed me them as i waited for another test my LF was 39% on test that i had to blow and hold my breath for 8 sec and them breath out again but as that was not the normal one for my LF to be done on she had to take my LF off the normal test i do every 6 weeks so it is at 39% but there not looking at that...if you understand me lol I'm not sure if i have said that all right :D

My weight is down a bit at 54.4kg but I'm happy with it there so there wasn't much said about that, i said as long as it don't drop under 52kg then I'm happy.
They said it could have gone down to my chest not being right at the mo.

I have to really get back in to doing my nebs as this last week have really gone out the window!

Matt said he wants us to get wed in around 2 years! gives us time to save lol he wants his car 1st and wont use the money he has saved for the wedding lol, men!
So I'm going to have a look online at wedding stuff today just to get me thinking about what i would like, that kind of thing.

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