Friday, 12 June 2009

New Moon

I got a new book yesterday after hearing how good it was from Jo and Gemma.
It's called New Moon and its the 2nd book of 4 from the Twilight saga, its really good so far. I saw the film Twilight so didn't get that book to read (altho gemma said i should of lol)
i bet i read it within a week or 2!

Connor's room is nearly done now just got to paint it so we will be doing that at the weekend, i cant wait till its all done and is a big boy's room :)

Life has been a bit busy the last week or so. My scare has just about healed from having my button taken out, that was a long 2 months lol
I have done my back in too, i woke up the other morning and was fine but then i had a coughing fit and my back just clicked and that was it! Matt had to have a day off work to help look after Connor as i couldn't bend or much of anything else.

I have got Matt's stuff for fathers day all ready and wrapped and Connor left his mark on the card lol i got Matt a t-shirt from gap and some joop as his other bottle ran out, with the joop he got a free lap-top case so that's cool, I'm sure he will like it, just have to get a lap-top for himself lol

I have asked for a ipod nano for x-mas or my birthday and a long pair of ugg's (i got a short pair last year) and some skinny jeans....i know its not for ages yet but he can start and save now haha

I have been doing the wii fit for the last week and on the weight bit i have put on 2 lb!!! grrr i don't want to put any more weight on as its all going to my belly, and also my wii fit age was 23 2 months ago and now its 27!!! come on lol
It really makes me cough though so that's really good and i feel its helping with my LF (well it better be!)

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Gemma said...

argh whens it fathers day?!