Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My E-Flow Is No More...

My E-Flow has passed its sell by date as they say, it just died, stopped working! I cant get it to turn back on or anything and i have tryed everything i can think of.
Anyway i rang my team and have been told to bring it up A.S.A.P but i cant get up for 2 days so that is just going to have to do. I'm so mad coz i have been so good with doing my neb's and at the moment I'm on my month of colomycin so that's going to be a messed up month, i just hope that i can get back in to it once i get it fixed or get a new one.

I'm loving the sun we have been having and its great that all my washing can go out there so i don't have to use my tumble dryer altho i do have to iron it now but that don't take long.
I'm still waiting to hear back from the council to see when we can pull the old coal shed down that like a meter from my back door! not pretty at all.

Connor has 4 ex battery hen's now, there at my mums house coz i don't think our cat would like them...or maybe she would like them to much! I have some photos of them too but there not on my laptop yet so you will have to wait for these ones.

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Gemma said...

dont you have an old porta neb covered in dust somewhere? lol. The i-neb people delivered me one when my ineb broke, dont the eflow people do that? On second thought.... probably best you don't have to use the historic beast! lol!