Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Late Up-date

Well this is a very late up-date, I'm not even sure what i have been doing with my time to tell you the truth!
The sun has been out alot over the last few weeks so that's been nice, been out enjoying it with Connor, we have been to a farm and the park and to my friends house.
I have also been to the pic's to see that film ghost's of girlfriends past...it really wasn't that good tho, I'm not very happy about it but at least it didn't cost me anything as i had my free cinema card! i also had a hot dog while i was there and it was so nice but i forgot to get some sweets or popcorn so was pretty bored with nothing to eat while i was there lol

I have been getting bits and Bob's for Connor's bedroom, so far i have some dinosaur wall stickers that cost me £35 but there really nice and got his name in stickers too from the same website, i have got him some dinosaur bedding from Next and a dinosaur teddy from Next that looked good on the bed in the shop lol that was £42, i got him a dinosaur height chart too lol can you what Im going for here?. my mum got him a side rail for his single bed when we buy it so he wont fall out of it so that's great, i wanna get him a few more bits too like a lamp and re-paint his room.

Were getting his bed from Next and Matt's mum and dad are going to pay for half of his bed and mattress for his 2nd birthday so that's a big help as the bed without a mattress is £225! I'm spending so much money on his room but i want stuff that will last him and the bed should do him till he is at least 10 years old then he will prob get a double bed as he has a big bedroom. I'm also going to order him the bed side cabinet too from Next at the same time.

its unreal that Connor will be 2 in 2 months! it has gone so fast.
he is talking more now so I'm really happy about that, he can now....
* say bye and wave at the same time,
*say bob (over and over!)
*say go
*say mum
*say wow
*say oh no.

prob dont seem that much but to me it is lol in a few months he will be talking and we wont be able to shut him up i bet haha


Kate said...

My little sis turned 2 on Monday and because she lives in Spain I can't believe how much of a difference with her speech when I see her. She knows better spanish than me now!!

Scary how fast kids grow up!

Gemma said...

aw I love dinosaurs! lol