Thursday, 27 November 2008

Nutcase and police

Well what can i say...Tuesday night some old guy (late 40's) parked half in my disable bay outside our house even when there where other space's. well when Matt come home at around 9pm they guy was still there so Matt parked half in our bay and half in the road then came in and to get his bank card because he had to put money in the car for me the next day.
He went to the old people (50's) next door as i had seen the guy go there and said can the guy move his car, this guy 1st asked Matt who was disabled becauseMatt didn't look it and me said i was (i was hanging out the window) and then said he was going out for 5 mins and he wanted the car moved by the time he got back so we can park in it.
well the man just lost it and came running out and looked like he was going to start on Matt, the old woman (his sister) pulled him back and so Matt got in the car and drove off, the guy then opened his car door to move it but then turned around and said " fu*k him, he can park down the road, I'm not Fing moving my car for that little c**t!" well because i was hanging out the window i had a go at him and told him to move because he wasn't aloud to be there and he told me to F off!
all this was going on and the lady next door was having a go at us saying they had never had any trouble b4! i said we wasn't making trouble and that it was her brother.

anyway Matt came back and the car was still there so he blocked the guy in and came round the back and i came down to talk to him, just as i got out the back with matt the guy was kicking our door shouting at us to move our car, he was so load i didnt want him to wake connor so i ran to the door opened it and shouted "dont you dare kick my door that that, i have a baby in bed!" he shouted at me "tell your old man to move his car or I'm going to Fing smash it up!" to that i just slammed the door shut.
He started to kick or door in again, so Matt rang the police because we was getting very scared by now as the guy wasn't a small man. i also rang my mum and she and my granddad's gf Cathy came!
While all this was going on the guy was kicking our door in and shouting at us and his sister (lady next door) was shouting at us to move the car so her brother could leave and that we were being very childish!
well the guy got out and drove off (he didn't hit our car so that was one thing) but as he was driving out of our road my mum and Cathy was there and blocked him in!! my mum was well mad with him because i had told her everything.
They had a row at the top of the road with his guy and they got his number plate and then he got round them and come over to us.
the people next door came out having another go saying that he was being out of order and that Matt was an ass*ole for not moving the car and he said and what if the police would have been called? to which Matt said he had rang the police!
the lady didn't like that at all and started having a go at us again just as my mum got there and told her to shut up lol
the police came and had a chat to us and the lady next door made out the car was only in the bay bu an inch! when he wasn't and that we were making it out to be something that it wasn't and that while they had been there they didn't have any trouble and then we turn up and all hell is set lose!!! (we moved in in Feb and this is the 1st thing that as happened!)
anyway the police said the guy sounded like a nob and that his sister seem to be covering for him and that he believed us! YAY
they got his address off the lady next door and went round to tell him to sort it out and not to park in our bay again!!!!!

the old people next door have not talked to us since....not that i care really!

grrr some people are right nobs really.


Tori_x said...

That's awful!!! Something similar happened to me once and it's well scary!

Hope your cars ok with all the kicking :)

Gemma said...

neighbours ey? who would have them?! How did you get your own disabled space out of interest?