Friday, 14 November 2008

I Know Myself Better Then You.

When i was at hospital on Wednesday 12th Nov for my week check up of my i.v's and everything i didn't have my normal Dr, anyway this new Dr wasn't very good.

My LF had gone down from 43% to 39% in a week and while i have been doing i.v's! now this is something that isn't ment to happen at all, and coz i have not done my feed for about 2 weeks my weight has gone from 51.8kg to 51.6kg so that's nothing really so that is ok.
Now with my LF, when they started me on i.v's they stopped my septrin pills for the 2weeks and this is why i think my LF has gone down.
from DEC last year to July this year i was very ill and the i.v's didn't seem to be working much until they put me of septrin pills, once they had done that i was out of hospital and my LF went up to 46%!!!!
Now because of all this i think its because I'm not on the pills but the new Dr said that don't make sense but its all there for him in my notes so he should see that the pills did help alot. he said that if next week there not much better then i will have to have my i.v's changed and start another 2 week lot...I'm not happy about that and wont be doing that!
I will say to him that i will start my pills again and see how that is.

I got Matt a i-pod today for Xmas (don't worry he don't read this lol) i also have a few other bits for him so now all i have to do is get about 4 more things and then all my shopping will be done. YAY!
I will then have to start shopping for bits to put on my tree as we only have a few bits and it would look daft if we left it at that!

Connor is walking lots now and he loves it, he has even started to walk to the car from the house with me (holding my hand) he will be running by Xmas I'm sure :D
He is getting very stroppy tho, he takes after me a bit with that i think lol

I have been thinking i may change the layout of my blog....maybe i will next time.


Tori_x said...

I hate getting a doctor I don't really trust!! It just makes things so much harder.

Here's hoping your lung function goes up a.s.a.p xx

MissJo said...

I'm the same hun i like to have the same doc as much as possible cos they know you and what your like etc. What are septrin pills? never heard of them. Hope your lf goes up soon hun and your weight is still brilliant chick xxx

Jac said...


Don't normally comment! But just wanted to say that Septrin really helped me - I never stopped it when on IVs because I always thought I was worse when not taking it! The docs didn't mind me taking it during IVs.

jac x

Gemma said...

I hate getting doctors you have never met, they think they know everything and they don't have a clue! sometimes my LF goes down whilst on ivs then goes up after i've finished them, weird!! I think doctors rely too much on iv's, they dont work miracles!

Chantelle said...

hi all, thanks for your comments.
i'll have to see what hospital is like to moz but im sure i wont have anymore i.v's nd will try the pills again. i forgot to say in the post that the dr also stopped all my nebs... or did i say that lol