Friday, 7 November 2008

I.V's and Cat's!

I have booked my hair in for next Friday, I'm going to get my roots done but also going to have some blonde put in it as i didn't think there was enough in the last time it was done, i will get it cut as well but not sure by how much yet, will just find out when I'm there i guess.

I need to upload some new photo's, i have been taking some of Connor today and will take more over the weekend of what we get up to so i will upload them after that.

I'm on I.V's at the moment but its good because i have not been on them since the 21st July (i was thinking it was the 24th but wasn't) so its been a good 3 and a half months!!!
I'm on them 3 times a day, its a bit of a pain but i would much rather do them at home where i can be with Connor and Matt then have them in hospital where they cant see me every day.

We got our cat Tobias a new cat toy yesterday and she loves it, so does Connor! its a pink and furry tail thing on a ball on a stick....if anyone understands me lol i will take a photo this weekend and upload it.

Anyway I'm going to go now as I'm very tired, will upload photos soon.

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