Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Back To Normal.

The 1st time Connor sat up on his own.
Connor looking so cute.
Hmm not sure if he likes it.
Tobias in a bag.

Well as the title Say's Connor is back to normal.

He woke up today at around 8am and wasn't hot so i didn't give him Nurofen or Calpol, he was still a bit sleepy but ok.

He had his milk then nicked some of my crisps i was eating and since then he hasn't stopped playing and laughing! he has come up in some spots all over his belly, back and face but i dont think its anything to worry about, but i will keep my eye on it. he keeps laying on the floor and looking up at the light and laughing....whats that all about?

I have ordered some (6) calenders for people for x-mas and one for me! they didn't cost that much as they were buy one get one free at Tesco Photo's Online. I got 2 A3 size ones (one for me and one for my mum) and 4 A4 size ones (for Matt's mum, one for my nan my other nan and Cathy and grandad).

Me and Matt had our flu jabs on Saturday and my arm has only just stopped hurting lol, I'm such a baby with things like that, I'm fine with the huge needle they put in my port every month but come near me with a flu jab and you wont see me for dust!

Matt is at work today and then at college tonight so i have a nice night in on my own, TV is all mine! YAY! and that means no Xbox 360!!!!

*I added some photo's that i found that were off Matt's phone*


Gemma said...

oh no where have his beautiful curls gone?! Glad he is feeling better xx

Chantelle said...

lol there old photo's off matt's phone but the newer ones are coz i shaved his head!!! lol not really we just got them all cut off. bad mum lol xx

Tinypoppet said...

hey Chantelle :) Glad things are going ok your end and gorgeous latest pics of connor! Take care xx