Monday, 6 October 2008


This Post is for Toria,
Toria has CF like me and also a little boy called Edward who is 9 months old, Toria is very unwell in ICU (i think) and i don't know what she will get home again...I'm not even sure what to put here but that she and Luke (Toria's BF and Edward's dad) and Edward are in my heart and i have been thinking about her every day praying that she will pull thur and over come this.
My good friend Charlotte is in bits at the moment worrying about Toria and I'm not sure what i can do or say to help, i just feel a bit out of place not knowing what to say to her. i cant say anything to make the pain go away.

I got very upset looking at Toria's photo's on facebook the other day, it was all very sad.

I know Toria has to pull thur and will get over this, i just know it because in her blog she is so strong and so full of life!

Thinking of you Toria! xxxxxxxxx


Gemma said...

hey I never know whether to reply on my blog or yours! My head has been abit better thanks, should get my results next week. I read on the forum Toria is doing better, fingers crossed xx

diddyangel said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and support sweetie there is no way i'd have got through the last week without your support you're a true friend thank-you xxxxx

Tina Boorman said...

Hey i also know Toria and she is one of my Boyfriends best friends. Shes such an amazing girl, i have never met anyone like her its so nice to hear all the support for her on various blogs, networks and forums we are all keeping her in our thoughts xx