Monday, 7 May 2012

Who ate all the pies!!!!

Hi all Well I really am crap with this blogging lark, it seems I have new lungs and that's it I have a life again and don't have time to do anything else lol Connor is doing really good at school, he will be finished with reception in just over 2 months! That has gone so fast and he is growing up so much and will be 5 years old soon! He makes me proud more and more each day...he truly is the best thing that has ever happened in my life! In 16 days I will have had my new lungs for a year, a WHOLE year people! Wow. My life has changed so much in that year and so much has happened, I can breathe and I can run, I have been swimming with Connor, I have got myself a bike and have been on that and I love it, well I do apart from the fact I think I have eaten a bug every time I have been out riding it lol. Jas (my tx dr) has but me on a diet, at the mo I'm 58kg and when I got back to clinic at the end of the month he wants me to be 56kg, now that really don't seem that hard but it is, it really is. It's so hard to cut back when all my life I have been made to eat everything and had 2 feeding tubes put in coz I couldn't put the weight on and now there telling me to stop eating, it's so confusing. We're doing up the living room and dinning room, at the moment we have taken off the woodchip wallpaper in the living room and will start on the living room next week. I can't wait till its all done and looking lovely. Once that's all do we are going to take up the carpet and put wood down and get a nice rug and then some new sofas! It's all going to get done this year. Getting my new dog soon as well, it's a northern Inuit and should be born early June, I'm more excited about that then anything else lol were going to a dog show next Sunday so that will be nice. Going to see about picking up roxy a new bed as she has ripped her one up. Anyway got to go and start cleaning up now, left it as long as I can but I really must tackle the bathroom lol and I don't see Matt putting on the rubber gloves and starting!

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sarah said...

Hiya, I think I might of e mailed you before re hair falling out! I'm Sarah from Cornwall and I had to smile to myself re your status Who ate all the pies! I feel for you sooo much! I too am really struggling with the weight gain after a double lung transplant. I look 9 months pregnant, and just can't stop eating. All my hair fell out from tacro and can relate to all your posts. But I can breath and how amazing is that- like you I have a little boy, who is 7 in July. Have been swimming, bike riding, running and enjoying every day with him and my family. Life is hard to adjust after transplant, and some people might think I'm being negative or ungrateful - the only way I can explain is that my identity has been stripped away from the girl who I used to be and has left me open and vulnerable. Good luck with the weight loss my lovely, take care Sarah x