Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Facebook Group And Tattoos

I have set up a facebook group so everyone on my facebook will know when i have my transplant.
Matt is going to keep it up to date when i get the call and then on how I'm doing after, its better this way instead of him text/facebooking all of my friends personally.
I'm a bit upset with it at the mo tho as around 15 people have left and one asked me to take her off it, i didn't want to piss anyone off with it i you tho that since there on my facebook then they would at least want to know how i am doing...maybe they shouldn't be on my facebook to start with?

I got two tattoos done last night, Connor on my right wrist and Matt on my left wrist :) I'm really happy with them and it was the 1st time i have had a tattoo done without numbing cream haha

anyway i will post again soon when the hospital have rang me about being on the list.

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