Monday, 22 September 2008

Better mood

Well I'm in a better mood now, have been since i went to bed and woke up on the right side of the bed lol
Matt didn't wake me up when he came up, which is good because i think i would have killed him if he had. men don't think do they?

Today i went shopping with Connor, it was very nice just the two of us altho i did get very tired by the end but we was out for over 2 hour's so i think i did do very well if i do say so myself....and Connor isn't light and nor is shopping lol

I'm still doing very well at the moment. don't know what i weigh now but i was thinking about getting some scales so i can keep a track on how well (or bad) I'm doing or would that be like jinxing it??

I have got alot of my x-mas stuff already, I'm doing very well. I'm making my mum and Matt's mum a hamper for x-mas but I'm not putting food in its just going to be girly bits.
Matt wants a i-pod nano so I'm going to have a look on the net for them to moz (to tired tonight)

Saying that i think I'm to tired to put anymore in to this blog so i think I'm going to go. i will blog to moz or day after as i have new photos of Connor to put up.

*You can tell im tired as im not wrighting the right words i.e doing sort hand* *tut tut chantelle*


Toria said...

Hey sweety, sorry to read you and Matt are finding things a bit tough at the moment. Luke is gamer too though he tends to play World of Warcraft it can be very frustrating but you just have to be strong and accept that it is his way of chilling out and he enjoys it and he needs that to wind down.

I think it is hard when they go out to work and see us just left at home they think we swan about doing nothing and don't realise that it's boring and lonely and we want to chat when they come home!

As for the mess ARGH!!! I know what is with that?? You ask them to do a tiny thing or there is a big obvious thing they just ingore untill you litterally poke them with a stick till they sort it out! haha!!

Not that it helps but you are not alone!!

I did get your card, Luke called me as soon as it arrived and read it to me over the phone. He meant to txt me your number so I could say thankyou but being a man forgot haha!!

It really made me smile over the phone thankyou so so much :o)

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be here as I've got to get over this lung collapse and then get my asthma sorted. I just hope I'm home soon 3 weeks away from my boys is too long.

Conner is getting so big and grown up and gorgeous you must be such a proud mummy, keep up the hard work and well done with your weight gain that is such an achievement xox

Mc Clarey said...

I can't believe you got christmas stuff are so organised!!!