Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Life is good, life is gr8!
I'm so busy with life, i feel gr8 and hope i don't go back in to hospital soon.

Connor is only walking along the sofa and with us when we hold his hand, not sure when he will take the plunge and go it alone! he also has some top teeth coming Thur at the mo so he has a really red bum and runny nose poor thing. were going to the Dr's to moz so he can have his 12 months jabs but they don't do it if the baby is unwell so i don't know if they will do his or not.

I'm getting Fat! yes that's what i said FAT. its gr8 coz I'm feeling lots better and staying out of hospital but the bad thing is its all gone to my belly and i cant fit in any of my jeans so had to go and get a few new pair's (well only 3 as i cant afford anymore yet lol) alot of my top are getting very tight too so will have to get some more of them.

way to much has happened for me to say about it all in one blog so i will update more this week, and I'm tired and want my bed lol

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Gemma said...

yeay wondered where you had got to! good news that your putting weight on, keep up the good work!