Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bad Mood.

I don't know why but I'm in such a bad mood that i think its best if i just go to bed soon, i may end up saying something to Matt that i don't mean.
I don't know what to do....have you ever been like this, everything is just crap (or you feel like it is at the time)
Matt has a new game for his Xbox 360 (star wars the clones or something i think) and we don't have the money for it really but he just had to have it, that has but me in a mood i know that, then when we got home we had to put the football on then i was doing something on the lap top that took me about an hour to do (photo book with Connor in it) and then i lost it some how even tho i saved just went.
I just wish Matt would get off his butt once in a while and take me out for a meal or even buy me some flowers, just make an effort for once.
There is 2 piles of washing that i did and ironed 2 weeks ago and there still on the dinning room table (there to big for me to take up, i would prob pass out by time i was done lol) and i keep asking him to do it so i can put them away and he just says yeah in a min and then never gets round to doing it.
The house never seems to be as clean as i would like, but Matt thinks its fine but it really gets to me, like if there is an empty glass on the side i have to wash it up but Matt is happy to leave it there for days on end!
I think i know what I'm in a bad mood's men and there toys and there crap way of cleaning or putting things off that's what is putting me in this foul mood that i cant seem to kick...I'm going to go to bed and read my book (Jordan's 2nd book) and then have an early night, that should help and by then i will be asleep by time Matt gets in bed so then when i wake up i will be ok again......(finger's crossed)

Whet to Papworth on Wednesday and everything is good, got to keep on top of my Neb's more as I'm really crap at them and got to do more phyiso.
Weight : 48.8kg
LF : 45%


Gemma said...

your LF has overtaken mine! how dare you! haha

Chantelle said...

Lol im sorry but it sets you a target for when your i.v's end ;) xx