Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Coughing and teeth.

I have a a normal none CF person it sounds as if I'm just about to drop dead lol i do get some funny looks but i just joke and say "ohh I'm die-ing" and then they look more worried hehe.
I still feel very well but its just the cough i have, I'm coughing up at bit more then i have been but I'm not worried about it, i also have a runny nose (nice eh lol) too so i might just have a bit of a cold starting, well see how it is over the next few day.

I went to the Dr's today to get the Depo jab and the nurse checked my weight and I'm not at 49kg!!!!! wow only 1kg left to go, I'm going to see if i can put it on but the time i go back to papworth on Wednesday, after I'm at 50kg I'm not sure what will happen with my feeds so i need to find out about that.

Connor has 6 teeth!!! where did they came from i hear you ask, well to tell you the truth I'm not sure lol one day he had 2 and the next he has 6! he has 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom now.

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Gemma said...

oh you little fattie! haha! I was 57.7kg at my last clinic, why don't I give you abit of my weight and then we will both be happy?! I like coughing when someone is in the way at a shop or something, they tend to move which is always handy :o)
Thanks for your message on my blog, I feel abit better today. Think its because i've kept myself busy, been to get my hair done!