Saturday, 6 September 2008

Chicken pox!

Connor has chicken pox or a virus the Dr said when we took him to have his jabs last week. we don't think it is chicken pox as he don't have many spots and isn't scratching, i think it is teething spots but just to be sure were not going out at the mo.
We were ment to be going to my mates little girls 1st birthday party today but didn't coz if he has got chicken pox we didn't want to give them to any one else.

my mate (who i tho was a very good mate) is getting married on the 20th and she has not yet invited me even tho she has invited our other mate and her hen party is on the 8th and yet again I'm not invited to that.....think she is telling me something? im not very happy about it but i wont ask her until after coz i don't want her to invite me just coz i said something. i don't think we will be close mates from now on, I'm very upset about it to tell you the truth.

I'm sick of the XBOX 360!! i want to burn them all.....Matt is always on his and then if he isn't on that he is on the bloody lap top, i cant win. we never just sit together on the sofa (always on a diff sofa at a time) with the TV on. its like i bore him....

Having a bit of a moan in this post.

I still feel gr8 at the mo tho so that's something good in my life at the mo lol not that Connor isn't gr8 :) he still only has 2 teeth and he is 14 months old in 21 days, will he ever get any more or will he forever be the boy with 2 teeth?

Yes Gemma I'm back lol i didn't go for long was just enjoying my freedom from hospital!


Gemma said...

maybe your friend has forgotten because she hasnt seen you for awhile? or maybe she thinks you are too poorly? you should call her about something else and see if she mentions them to you.
Im sure you dont bore Matt, anything electrical or sporty seems to take over mens minds. Im constantly battling sky sports news and I feel like man city is in a 3 way relationship with Pete and I

diddyangel said...

Hey sweetie so glad you're still feeling good sorry to hear about your friend busy at mo will try catch you when little ones are in bed. Lots of love x

Chantelle said...

I have talked to my mate and she said she is sending me my invite to her wedding, dont think we will go as matt dont like her coz of all this. she still didnt invite me to her hen do that she has invited or mate dee too.

Matt is now going on about getting fifa 09 when it comes out in oct....grrr!

God i know what you mean charlotte, i only really come on this for like 10 mins in the day or at night once connor has gone to bed.

Hope both of you are feeling well too?? xxx